Thursday, 23 February 2012

Thrifty Thursday and other bits

Spring is in the air. I can feel my S.A.D lifting. (this is something to do with being a misery during winter). I defo have it.

I have had a most wonderful Thrifty Thursday.
I have not actually been out a thrifting. I just fancied a day at home, sorting and nesting.
The sun is out and I feel really happy.
Doesn't it make a difference!

On a thrifty note, I wanted to share a most fabby idea I had.
My smallest boy has lots of books, books that have been bought for him, hand me downs from his big brothers and even some of Mr Bettys and my childhood reads.
I got this crate from Freecycle. It is an old bulb box, probably from a garden centre.

I have tipped it onto it's side so that it has a shelf and the lid makes a handy door. It even has a little latch. Smallest son is most pleased and it has sorted out one of my many storage issues.

My other thrifty project of the day was Bunny painting. I have not actually painted a real bunny, that would be madness. No, I have painted a bunny lamp that I purchased from Next.
I love the bunny lamps but have always deemed them slightly too pricey for my thrifty nature.
I found one in Next for a very good price but I was a bit unhappy with the colour.

I hated the shade for starters, not such a prob...just remove and drop at local charity shop. As for the bunny itself.

Quick lick of perfectly peachy paint, bit of white for the eyes and bobs yer uncle, far more pleasing bunny lamp. Anyone got any ideas on choice of shade??
Since this pic it has gained some black pupils btw

I mentioned previously that I had acquired some art at the Jumble sale.
All the pictures are Fair bound. I do love each of them but they are just 'not me' if you know what I mean.

Vernon Ward, bit a Dallas Simpson (really large print) and another one that I am not sure about but it is very kitsch.
It is a while since I had any art on my stall so I am pretty pleased with myself.

I had intended to knuckle down to some haberdashery packaging this week. I have to admit to being a bit slack and only managing some vintage ribbon reels.

I now need to think about what to do regarding my haberdashery de-stash. I want to make it appealing and saleable, nice packaging and combinations etc.

I have lovely vintage lace and other linens, lovely buttons. I will do a bit of investigating tonight.

Whilst I was painting my bunny I decided to do a few more happy hangers.

I love these. I have sold a few in the past so I really should have done these sooner. I may add some little lavender bags to them and make them just perfect for displaying spring frocks!

I am thinking of joining Pinterest.

I know nothing of it. Is it better than Flickr? Am I better off going on Instagram instead?
It is all too much for me and my PC issues. I need something that works well with the IPad as I have to use the home pc for Flickr and Mr Betty gets all agitated.

I did tidy his desk today so I hope doesn't get too angry about the odd icon that seems to have gone amiss.

I think I have chunnered on enough for one day. You can tell I have lacked human contact today, I can't stop going on!

I hope you have all had some sun, maybe some washing has been hung out? Gardening done?
I will be back with any haberdashery developments, all ideas welcome. If I use your fabby idea I will wing a de-stash selection your way. Xx


  1. Ooh I love the bulb-box to cupboard, just the kind of easy transformation I like!

    As for Pinterest, I'm addicted. There maybe a few copyright issues with regards to images though - they're walking a thin legal line and apparently somewhere in the t&c is something about "by pinning, you confirm you are the CR holder, and you pass it on to us" or similar, despite the fact they actively encourage you to pin from all over the web. It will drive traffic to your blog if used judiciously, although if you're a designer it may lead to more rip-offs of your work. It's a treasure trove of inspiration and ideas though.

    I do a semi-regular and very tongue in cheek series of posts on my blog called 'Not Pinterested', which looks at the more bizarre projects and products pinned.

    If you'd like an invite, let me know and I can email you one.

    1. Hi, thanks for all the info. Explained really clearly, brilliant!
      Yes I would love an invite. See how it goes. X