Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Tuesday book, my first top ten and a sieve full of lace.


I treated myself to this book with my birthday money and I must say that it is one of the best interior books I have ever owned.
It has snippets of my existing style.

And lots of new ideas.

I particularly love the section on 'finding your signature style'.

Bohemian is described as follows; This style is a fantastically free, youthful look with a slight hippy edge to it. It's not so much about the items in the room, but about the room's spirit. Colour and clashes of colour and style are an ingredient of bohemian style, but the heart of this look relies on your own collections and their artful display.

I just love that.

Where do you sit in the style arena? Minimalist (shiver), Modernist or maybe Traditionalist?
I feel I maybe don't need to read the section in the book on 'becoming a hunter gatherer' ;)

Really recommend this to everyone, go buy it!

I have decided to do a top ten. If I like it and you like it I may do some more.
Because I am always collecting things I thought I would list the things I would love to find, the heart stopping items I dream of.

1- Carlton ware owl money box
2- 70s flower power sewing machine
3- Kenner Blythe doll
4- Carlton ware cat cruet (I have the fish but I am very demanding)
5- Dewhurt's SYLKO cotton reel drawers
6- any amount, any pattern, any colour of vintage liberty fabric
7- 70s Staffordshire child's mug with an orange lion design.
8- an Ercol day bed (like that's ever gonna happen)
9- Hornsea 'John Clappison' newspaper print mug....preferably the lion.
10- a dog just like Sophie's

She knows I'm after him!!

Just a brief chunner about my activities today. Breezing past the washing etc and getting straight to the interesting bits (to me anyhows).

A most exciting find.

4 owl mugs, as I call them. These are fair bound as I have a gazillion mugs to my name.

Washing some very musty lace and ribbon, Mr Betty said that the bedroom smelt of loft..
Then hanging it all out to dry.

Planning on packaging little gift packs of vintage haberdashery with the next Fair in mind.
Going to include vintage buttons, fabrics and lace.

Also did a little Oooh Betty work on an old battered music box.

Bit of Farrow and Ball paint and a vintage decal. The little cat decal is my absolute fave. Must find new ways of using them, any ideas?

A very basic makeover on a knitting needle box.

I used my fave Fablon, red with a little peachy dot.

Tomorrow I am at hospital in the morn, just routine thingy majiggy.
Afternoon will see me helping 'the other Oooh Betty' with a mammoth jewel sticking task.
Evening will be spent bundling vintage fabric and decalling (not even a word) some pretty vintage hangers. I love having plans.

Anyone else fancy doing a top ten 'wanted' list? Would love to see if I can help anyone out with their wish list and just have a good nosey. Anyone want the same things as me?

Thanks for reading folks.Enjoy your pancakes. Xx


  1. I'm after a set of those sylko drawers aswell, I bid on some at auction last year but they went for a beyound rediculous price :-(
    Dog is lovely isn't he...thats my nan in the photo, her name was Peggy.
    Will have to look out for the book, looks a good one x
    Am stuffed eaten too many!!

    1. I had an Aunty Peggy, she had White hair from the age of 20.....why couldn't that happen to me,save a fortune on hairdo's!
      Everyone is after you doggie. What's his name, he needs a name now he has a following.xm

  2. P.S the word verification was Arnass particle....sounds painful!! x

  3. Lovely bits and pieces, love the lace and look forward to seeing the vintage habadashery parcels. Julie xxx

    1. Hi Julie, going to work on the haberdashery stuff this eve. Done a few ribbon bobbins so far, not quite as productive as I had envisaged. X

  4. I want that doggy too, Sophie - you have a fight on your hands! :) xx

    1. Sophies doggie needs it's own blog! Everyone wants him/her. X

  5. I have that doggie too! But sorry, he's going nowhere - I have a special fondness for wire haired Fox Terriers!

    Ages ago (and I'm talking at least 20 years ago) I saw a photo of the artist Peter Blake in his studio and he was holding exactly the same dog. It's iconic!

    1. I want that flipping dog! Why has everyone got one except me? Have you got Peter Blakes number per chance? He might be sick of the dog after 20 years, what do you reckon? X