Sunday, 19 February 2012

Jumble sale thrifting and a major decision.

Yesterday was my church Jumble sale. I have been involved in the event for a couple of years now and although it can be exhausting it is also very enjoyable.
I arrived at the church for 8.30 with Mr Betty in tow, they needed some brawn (just made myself giggle with that comment).
The basic order of the morning is to drag everything into the main hall, empty bags, boxes etc and then arrange in some sort of orderly fashion.This sounds easier than it is.
I was on toys, Mr Betty took charge of the books. There was an unbelievable amount of stuff.

All the helpers get first dibs on the jumble and this works well for me as none of the old dears ever want things from their era, funny how things work!
The doors don't open til 1 o'clock but the queue started forming at 11.15. It is dead popular.
When the hoards of eager thrifters are welcomed in it can only be described as carnage.

Here are a few of my finds.I have to save some treasure for Thrifty Thursday but I have put together a little selection for you.

1 - 70s orange ice bucket
2 - vintage toys and a Smiths Noddy clock
3 - an Intersport racket bag
4 - Italian 50s art pottery cat
5 - loads of vintage haberdashery bits

I haven't yet decided which is my fave thing, what's yours?
Click on the haberdashery picks as there are some fab little items.

I am saving some art and some vintage accessories to share with you on Thursday. I will be requiring some advice regarding a couple of things if that's ok?

I got the kitties a weeble. God they love it......weebles wobble but they never fall down.

Last night Mr Betty and I went out to celebrate our birthdays. I turned 39 and he has just hit 28. All comments on the age thingy welcome.
We had a fab night out shared with our best friends.We ate good food and we laughed a lot.

Today I have been ill. Yes it is alcohol induced. I didn't drink much, I never do. As I have just tweeted, me and alcohol are no longer friends. I have to accept that we just don't get along and we are going to go our separate ways. NO MORE ALCOHOL FOR ME.
That is my major decision.

Also, tomorrow, I am starting an exercise regime. Me and exercise are not great friends either but needs must. I am going to power walk, whatever that is?
What does one even wear for such an activity?
Anyhows, I will report back on this forthcoming event.

This week I will mostly be feathering my nest.

But this eve I will mostly be lying around and groaning. Xx

Location:Swann Lane Church in Cheadle Hulme


  1. A belated Happy Birthday! The jumble sale sounds like heaven, looks like you got quite a hoard. Such a great idea to give the kittens a weeble! I received my giveaway package on Friday, thank you so much, I love everything in it! Will be blogging about it this week. xxx

  2. What brilliant bargains! LOVE the Noddy clock xxx