Friday, 17 February 2012

Bargain books and a vintage toy of joy.

Just a quickie today. 2 reasons for a quickie, lack of time and possibility of a biggie over the weekend.
I knew that the Liberty book was on offer at 'The Works' as I had been advised of this by a fellow blogger. I was surprised to see it was still available. Only £6.99. Even if you just buy it as a beautiful coffee table book it is a steal.

The other one on the pic was sooo cheap I just had to treat myself to it (as a little extra).
It is called 'Homemade Gifts Vintage Style' and is by Sarah Moore.
I may review them but I just wanted to share them with you now so you too can get a little, bargain treat.

Whilst out shopping for clothes for the Mr I spied this little gem. I thought I may have had this very same toy as a child. On arriving home my Mum has confirmed that I absolutely did.

It is a Casdon till. It has a little bag taped to the back full of the original notes and coinage.
I have deliberately pictured it with the 1/2 p popped up just to make us all feel old!
Is it just me or is this amazing?
I have added the word 'shop' using my Photogene app and it will soon be gracing the side of my blog page with a link to my folksy page. Could it be more apt.

Tomorrow is my church jumble sale. It is going to be a sleepless night tonight.
I am not anxious, oh no. I am as giddy as a kipper.....please don't disappoint me Jumble sale!
In the evening we are going out to celebrate the Mr's Birthday. I have a new dress in the style of Audrey Hepburn.
Obviously I won't actually look like Audrey as I have peroxide blonde cropped hair but from the neck down I have got it nailed!
Speak soon. Xx

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  1. Love, love, love the till - I had one of those (or maybe it was my brothers?) you lucky thing - especially with the money too - yep I'm old too. A half pence - it's just a joke now!