Thursday, 16 February 2012

Thrifty Thursday

I am always a bit on the excited side when it comes to Thrifty Thursday. I think I must be a bit of a show off!
I must however admit, to being slightly concerned this week. Three boys at home, lots of feeding, cleaning and entertaining required, when would I fit any thrifting in?
I am relieved to say that I needn't have worried in the least. Things have virtually found there way into my life.
Take my first find.

This little G-plan table was on Freecycle. Only had to pop round the corner to collect it. Quick layer of Farrow & Ball..... Quite fond of it already.
I actually needed a table too!

My next item of treasure was actually an EBay purchase, again, just round the corner for collection.

Don't you just love a weekend case? I love the little Airport makers badge. Now I just need a weekend away, take heed Mr Betty.

This next little gem was actually purchased from a Charity shop, I cannot lie. I nipped out for food and took a very minor detour, so minor infact, that when I got home the family were none the wiser ;)

As most of you will probably already know, I am partial to the odd typewriter in my life.
My 'Oooh Betty!' stall would be literally naked without one and as Mrs Thrifty says Here, they are fast becoming a piece of history. She very kindly chose my yellow typewriter as a 'Find of the Fair'. It sold of course, they always do.
I may find it a bit tricky when I have to part with this handsome devil. Check out his faux teak trim and Viceroy...what an important name to have.

Lastly for today, in my thrifty section at least, is an absolute MUST HAVE for a crafty ladybird book collector like moi.

Paid slightly over what I would normally spend (£3). It is in perfect condition and when would I find it again. Probably next week knowing me.
I do like the ladybird books of this ilk, ie, Things to Make and Do etc.
I also think that this sort of collection is rather good because my littlest has benefited too, maybe not the knitting one but I did get a rather good one on Insects right about the same time some stick insects arrived in our home ( twas not an infestation, they were invited in).

I would love to hear about other bloggers collections, pictures would be nice too.
I am actually considering purchasing the book called 'A Collection A Day'. Has anyone else got it or read it?
Anyhows, I will leave you with a pic of the kitties, it has been a full 3 days since I last showed them off. God I am a flipping show off!

How funny. Think they just dozed off whilst playing on their ridiculously huge, taken over the whole kitchen, play centre.


  1. Great finds, your little table looks lovely & I cannot resist a vintage case!

    Catherine, XO.

    1. Thanks Catherine, just bobbed over to your blog and I did spie a couple of cheeky cases!
      I am going right back to your blog now, I just love to see people's thrifty finds.

  2. Oh free cycle !? Why can't mine have fabulous finds such as this? Lovely! :D
    Absolutely went through a phase of collecting certain ladybirds, but have sold most now after that one ended, now it's cases for me :) gorgeous kitty cats! xx

    1. Hi DV, free cycle can be a bit hit or miss I agree. I have a thing for cases too although I do think they are a bit more tricky to store than little ladybird books. X

  3. Hi Emma, belated birthday wishes to you, you had some great finds again, love the table, Iam just painting a chest in Cinder Rose, Farrow and Ball, cats look cosy. Julie xxx

    1. Hi Julie, Cinder Rose, just the name sounds perfect.
      I am a bit partial to F&B elephants breath, got it everywhere!
      Make sure you post pics of the finished chest, might be going down the Cinder Rose path myself. Xx