Thursday, 22 March 2012

Guest Post - Potty about Pottery- by 'the other Oooh Betty! '

This blog is just pure eye candy.
The other Oooh Betty is just pattern mad. She, like me, loves a bit of Staffordshire pottery and she is an avid collector of coffee pots.
I will ensure that very soon we get pictures of all of her collection but I think she is waiting til she has her extension that will therefore enable her to display them on one, very long shelf.
Yes, she is actually having an extension just to house her ever growing collection. She is mad like me and that's why we are pals.

Yummy I would say!
Other Oooh Betty is not precious about her collection, no siree! I have probably had a cup of coffee out of all the mugs pictured in the last pic. Her fave is the green swirly one at the bottom of the first tower.I bought her the one above that and my fave is third up on the second tower, I don't know why, it just is.
Which do you like or do you have any of these patterns?
Do you own any different patterns of the Staffordshire soup mugs?
Is anyone else this potty about pottery?

Here is my little bit for the day, pottery related of course.
Just an idea and it is a bit thrifty.

Instead of chucking out all ones pottery odds and sods use them in a number of ways to brighten up the garden or yard.
Thrifted rack £1
Random thrifted pots, jelly mould and sugar bowls from existing stash
Random cake plates all thrifted for pennies.
Get your equivalent of Mr Betty to put the rack up and put some screws in for the plates. Make sure you ask the Mr at a completely inappropriate moment as it adds to the fun.
Hang mismatched plates from screws using normal plate hangers.
Buy a tray of cheap bedding plants, I used primroses that my mum bought (for herself but she won't mind). Transfer plants from tray and stick into random pots.
Cheery wall for Spring.

Tomorrow I will be telling you how I have gone a bit mad for melamine. Oh dear,, where will it end??
Thanks for reading. X


  1. fantastic idea hoards are over taking the house!

    1. Thing is, how does one throw anything away? If it has a pretty pattern it stays, simples.x

  2. Love the mugs - my favourite is the bottom right blue one. Actually remember that particular pattern - someone I know must have had a set of it once upon a time!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

    1. Hi Liz, I love the blue too. Check out my blog about buses?? It's not about buses but it does have an interesting jar. X

  3. I just stumbled upon your blog. Love your collection, particularly the coffee pot with the sunburst pattern in the back of the top photo and the purple and red mod mug. Such a fun, happy collection!

    1. Hi, glad you found me.I love the blue too! Check out my blog about waiting for a bus, you will see my jar.
      Thanks for popping by. X