Saturday, 24 March 2012

Today I have mostly been doing this......

I don't want to be one of those people that woffles on about the weather but today it just has to be mentioned. I wouldn't really have been doing the things I have been doing if it wasn't for this fabby weather. It is actually hot. Really hot.
Mr Betty and I have been painting the front of the house, I will post pictures this week as I have a few more things to do. Mr painted the render and I did the woodwork.
I have been sat in the garden doing my crafty stuff whilst drinking tea, absolute bliss.
We have eaten dinner in a pub beer garden with littlest son, (big boys went off to the football).
I have planted out my herbs whilst the kitties took their first furtive steps around the garden.

They look so tiny in the big outside world (kitties, not herbs). They have to be accompanied by an adult at the moment (again, kitties, not herbs).

I made a pin board for displaying some of my makes.

Mod Podge rocks! I used some more of the vintage strawberry wall paper that 'other Oooh Betty' kindly gave me and painted the frame in my fave peach emulsion.

Mr Betty has acquired an extremely dirty Land Rover today.
Apparently it is a dormobile, yes, you are supposed to camp in it.
He has been tinkering with it whatever that means. I am hoping it means cleaning it.

It is a camper I am told. I can assure you that I will not be sleeping in that! The window fell out whilst Mr Betty was moving it.
It has been stood somewhere, unloved for quite some time. Alderley Edge to be precise.

It had a nest tucked behind the front grill.
I bet the bird family that lived in this were a happy bunch.

Littlest is very excited by this discovery and is going to take it into school for 'show and tell'

I did one thrifting trip this week. I had very little success but did get some great vintage sheets.

And a lovely, large, peachy jug.

I am going to use the jug as a vase.

I must show you a little something that I treated myself to this week.

I saw these at last weeks Magpies and I fair but didn't buy at the time. Then I suffered with that 'why didn't I buy that' feeling all the next day. Luckily I had a business card for the seller and had already befriended them in the world of blog. I got in touch, asked for one, and within 2 days it was mine.

How cute is this? I think this is such a lovely cushion and it is very Springy with the lambs and the chicks in the design.
Pop over here to read Vanessa's blog and there is a link to her Etsy shop. She has a great eye for pattern and creates gorgeous bags and wall art.
Tomorrow I am going to friends for a tea and cake get together, my kinda event!

If you can Pop over to my blog on Monday I would really appreciate it as I would like some feedback on my craft stuff. I should have some pics ready by then.
I am selling at a fair in Heaton Moor on Saturday and it is more craft based so I need to get with the programme this week. I want to produce new stuff.
I will still be selling some vintage bits too.
I will tell you all the details of the venue etc when I blog this week. I am very excited as usual.
I am a bit tired this evening so I apologise for my poor blogging style.

Thanks for reading. X


  1. Your little herb garden looks lovely, the landrover is cool.., might warm to it!! I love your cushion :-)
    Look forward to seeing your crafty stuff have a happy sunny sunday xx

    1. Hi Sophie, I will NOT be warming to the camper I can assure you.
      Fancy painting all the house pretty and then slapping that down on the drive. Messing with my Mojo that Mr Betty.
      Any progress with your nice camper? X

  2. If this lovely weather continues you might be tempted to take a camping holiday in that Land Rover - it would be quite an adventure!

    1. Adventure? That's an understatement. Window missing, bird family living in engine.
      It's not for me.
      I will mention to Mr Betty that you have shown an interest and he can come and take you out in it.....only kiddin, wouldn't do that to any of my blog friends. X