Monday, 26 March 2012

Where has my mojo gone?

I am having trouble with my brain today, actually I am having problems with my body too. If I went to see the Dr he could not do anything for me for my situation is not of a medical nature.
What I have is a missing Mojo.
I have no excuse for my lack of productivity.
I have achieved zilch.
I am an under achiever of the worst kind (I actually am an official under achiever on EBay but that is another story).
I promised some crafty produce......nowt
What can I tell you, is it the weather? I managed to fill a hole in the bedroom (in the wall). I made it so I suppose it was my job to repair it. I spent about an hour tinkering (new fave word) with a free cycled Singer sewing machine.....nowt.
Is my Mojo gone forever? Is it the clocks changing? What should I do?
Barocca is of little help and it tastes like shit.

Oh well, I do have some stuff to show you. What is a blog without a bit of eye candy I ask you.

Here are a few of my thrifty finds. I had one of those toadstools money boxes when I was little. There is no key to enter it's mini door but I don't worry about stuff like that.
I got a few old match boxes, really nice ones too. What do you think about the tin? It is so battered but I think it is one of my all time faves.

I do like these TG Green jars. I do not need a flour jar, I have one (read a few) already.
This will be going to market. The salad servers are nice too. Sometimes, I don't know about you, but I am attracted to the boxes more than what they actually contain.

These are quite cool however. Pineapples make everything ok.

A couple of rather splendid Taunton Vale items. 'other Oooh Betty' loves the flour shakers and has about a million. Again, straight to market. I did have another of the spoon rests and I can remember A Thrifty Mrs purchased it from me. I can imagine her placing her spoon upon it's little spoon shaped rest in-between stirring her Spag Bol ( after adding a couple of red wine ice cubes of course).

I already have one of these Rose trays on my mantle piece. Personally I think they are ace. Great for a dressing table or serving a couple of sherrys to the inlaws.
The little swan is perfect for hair grips, cotton buds or other such pokey things.
I have 2 of the trays to sell.

The fair I will be selling at next is this one. It is in Heaton Moor. I will be in the room above Kro Bar and from 10-1.30.
I will have a mixture of vintage, haberdashery items and crafts although because of my missing Mojo the craft situation is looking a bit bleak.
I would love to see some friendly faces there so come along if you are local or if you feel I am worth travelling for. There is a beer festival and a produce market too.

I did manage to finish off a couple of Oooh Betty kitties for a custom order.

Made for 2 sisters. I have tried to make them different but the same if that makes sense.
I have heard that sisters can fall out over such things. I have 2 brothers so have little experience of these issues. All I can remember regarding sibling rivalry is finding dead wasps in my bed......bastards (brothers not the wasps, the wasps were dead so I have no beef with them).

I have always sold my 'knitting on the go' needles and pouches.
I think they are dead handy. I don't knit myself but that is by the by.

I have pretty much sold out so I decided to do some in fabric instead of felt, bit more professional
me thinketh.

This is my prototype. I wanted to do them in 2 layers of fabric as they do need to be a bit sturdy. This is an old ikea fabric that I have had for years. I am quite happy with this one and I will be making some more. I can do these whilst my Mojo is missing as I already have the idea stored in my head.
I also made one lot of bunting.

Again, no Mojo required. It is very pink!
I am not knocking Bunting makers when I say this but I do see a lot of crafters selling bunting and I love a bit of bunting myself. Sometimes I think us crafters need to sell different stuff. I just need my Mojo for new ideas that is all I am trying to say and there is a lot of bunting out there that is a lot better than mine.

Has anyone else lost their Mojo, is it an epidemic or god forbid a pandemic?
Does anyone know the difference between an epidemic and a pandemic, are they even 2 different things?
Does anyone have any advice on how to get my Mojo back or maybe you have stumbled across it somewhere. Did I leave it at a cafe maybe or has it just gone off of it's own accord due to lack of use?
All words of encouragement gratefully received.
Thanks for reading.


  1. Oooh thanks for the mention. I do indeed have that spoon rest and employ it in red wine based recipes.
    Let me know if you decide to sell the matching shaker.

    1. Flour shaker is to be sold.
      Pop down to Kro Bar in Heaton Moor on Saturday. Beer fest, produce Market, craft and vintage. What's not ot like?
      I will be there. X

  2. Emma I feel you loss of mojo pain, I too am wondering if I will get the urge to sew back now that I am addicted to crochet!

    Sometimes it helps to leave what you are doing for a while and come back to it fresh. Looking through my craft books sometimes works, as can re-organising stash. Pinterest is good too!

    Good luck xx

    1. Beth, I am addicted to the hook too. It is my therapy.
      I think you are right, I need to take a step back. I will start stepping back tomorrow and see where I go from there.
      You are the queen of crochet btw. X

  3. Has Mr Betty got it in his land rover?...just a thought. I'm always loosing mine, then have the most huge, collosal, meltdown, that I've lost it forever, then lo and behold it just turns up again...out of the blue...go with the flow, it ell turn up.....
    If all else fails look under the bed xx

    1. If my mojo is in Mr Bettys Land Rover it will soon come home. They are no place for a mojo to be.
      X x

  4. Aaaah, I love Taunton Vale stuff! I found a yellow daisy jug I wanted today but had to leave it behind 'cause it was £8 :( love the rose trays too. I am forever losing my working mojo so I have zero advice to give you! Haha, XO.

    1. Hi Catherine, how are you? Did you do the VV at the museum?
      I don't know how much to out on that flour shaker. They are so Collectable.
      I am leaving my mojo to come back of it's own accord. I will just relax in the meantime, I'm very good at relaxing!
      X x x

  5. I think it's the clocks....I am all over the place, like jet lag but without the holiday, and I'm with you on bunting...sometimes I fight the urge but I can't resist, a bit like advocaat :)
    Take it easy and your mojo will return for sure xxxxxxx

  6. Hi Jane, just checking out your crochet bunting when your comment came through!
    I am so making some for my garden!
    I think you and I have a lot in common and could be good friends but this ain't gonna happen unless you give up the Advocaat ;)
    Starting on the wallpaper/wardrobe thingy majiggy tomorrow. Should be interesting.
    Thanks sooo much for sending it so quickly. X

    1. he he.... in my defence I only drink it at christmas...wheeling it out on a dolly trolly with as many cherries and umbrellas as possible :) happy crocheting x x x

  7. hello!

    I just came over to say hi, thanks for your comment and for following my blog...and I find you also have a Sad Case of The Missing Mojo.
    Where is that blimmin Sherlock Cumberpath when you need him?

    Now, I have discovered that mojos do go awol from time to time and its no good trying to lure them back before they're ready, because they're actually on a little jaunt of their own to discover some crazy new ideas.
    You just have to occupy yourself on something else and be ready with open arms when they return because boy, will they bring a lot of stuff home with them!!

    Tortie cats really are great aren't they- completely different to anything else on the planet. I always think its cos they're made up with the scrapings from the barrel before the kitten-making factory shut on Friday evening. Last one off the production line is always a tortie.

    Good luck with your fairs and hope to catch up again.
    ps how about oblong or heart shaped bunting instead of the pennants?

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