Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Tea wagon delivery and Spring Clean continues.

I seem to be getting some rather thrilling deliveries of late.
Malcolm arrived last week and this week I received this little package.

Before I even opened it I was feeling giddy, just look at the packaging and the Vintage Sheet postcard, I almost, I say almost, couldn't bring myself to unravel it.
But I was brave and I did.

Yeah baby!
A pile, a wodge some might say, of vintage wallpaper squares and rectangles. Pretty much the best selection, ever.
As you may have already worked out, these have been sent by Little Tea Wagon.
Her Etsy shop has the whoop whoop factor, her blog is brill and even though she admittedly has a penchant for Advocaat she is actually pretty cool!

Now please let me reassure you, I have not just bought all these bits of paper for the hell of it. I am not going to just sit looking at them (I did do that a bit but only for 2 days and no one saw me doing it).
I actually had a master plan in my mind and today I put my plans into action.

This is a Ta Dah moment so please make the necessary sound effect.
I have had this old office cupboard for donks and it has been turquoise for quite some time but up until today it had displayed a variety of fabric behind it's glass door panels. I had done retro, I have tried a bit of chintz but I was always a bit nonplussed with it's looks. Today my feelings towards my old, hand me down filing cupboard have changed, and they have changed for the better.
I love it!
The bedroom is slightly toxic and Mr Betty and I will probably wake up hallucinating at some point in the night but it is a small price to pay for cupboard love.

Today, in-between talking kitties down from 30ft trees, I have ploughed on with my Springy cleaning and organising jobs.
Today it was my kitchens turn to get the once over.
I am still planning to get a new one but for the time being I had a move around and a good old sort out.

I have tucked my table and chairs into the corner so I can swing open the patio doors for the spring and summer time.

I have cleaned and organised my big kitchen cupboard (sorry about the reflections on the pic).
I have cook books at the bottom alongside all my old electrical baking and blending thingys.
I have a cakey shelf, new mixing bowl, cake stand and my beloved Tate and Lyle jars.
There is a coffee pot shelf right at the top.
And as you can see, lots, lots more. Because I have inherited a lot of crystal and coloured glasses they must always stay but I am thinking that I could do with a little cabinet for my living room. I will be looking in to that (read buying one).

Tonight I will be eating a veggie curry, going to footie training and then lying on the sofa for the best night of tv. Happy days! (not including the footie training).
Thanks for reading. X

Btw, in case you are worrying, my Mojo is still missing but I have had lots of lovely messages regarding this issue. The messages are mainly telling me that others are suffering the same affliction. This is of little reassurance to me regarding my Mojo coming home soon but at least I now know that I am not alone.


  1. Omg, this is spooky. I've just spent a very pleasant hour or so cutting and sticking my tea wagon bits of wallpaper on one of those IKEA like small set of drawers (copied blatantly from Mrs Teawagon herself)! Yes! I told you it was spooky. I love what you did with that cupboard. Love it, I tell you! I'm also loving the glimpses of your gorgeous home. Love the kitchen cupboard and those table and chairs.

    Enjoy the tv tonight (I, myself will be watching The Apprentice and Four Rooms). xx

    1. That is spooky.
      Make sure you blog your drawers (ooh er). My cupboard is far from perfect but I still love it.
      Totally watching the same proggies as you. Apprentice is the best tv all year and 4 rooms is just amazing.
      Glad you like my home. Xx

  2. can I join in the tea wagon paper fan club? Am a total plagiarist as well, but not had time to finish mine so will be show and telling later x

    1. Hi Grace, you are in but you must crack on with your cupboard.
      I will be expecting pictorial evidence before the end of the week.
      Btw, plagiarism is the highest form of flattery. X

  3. Oh my that is fabulous!! Im lusting after it xx

    1. Ahhh thank you.
      Every home should have a patchwork cupboard! X

  4. I too have cupboard envy but will not be attempting to re-create one myself as I would in all probability fudge it up.

    I am loving the big kitchen cupboard too, wish I had room for one.

    Keep up the good work, I'd say your mojo has just pootled off in another direction for a bit, I'm sure it'll be back soon xx

    1. My technique on matters such as this cupboard makeover is to just go for it.
      No planning, no prep, just a dobber pot of Modge Podge and the willingness to patch as you go.
      It so works better that way. X

  5. Aah, that cupboard is amazing! Plus the added paper on the windows means it can be incredibly messy inside & still look pretty, win! XO.

    1. Catherine, you have totally sussed me out! The cupboard is indeed a complete shambles.
      X x x

  6. Oh just managing to sneak a comment in before the apprentice starts :) I am loving the did a grand job...mojo must have returned a smidge to have done such wonders x x x x x x

    1. Loving the Apprentice, girls are all horrid!
      I am glad my cupboard has the 'Teawagon' seal of approval. Your wallpaper collection is legend, have you read the comments?
      Regarding my mojo, maybe you are right. I just went for it and it worked. X

  7. The cupboard looks amazing, just picked up a load of wallpaper at the dump, not as nice as yours though. Spring cleaning is will help with the Mojo problem hopefully x

    1. Hi Sophie, why is your dump so good?
      Too late to be sporting about the Mojo, doing fair tomorrow so just gotta get with the programme.
      Pics to follow. X