Saturday, 31 March 2012

Vintage Fair Pics and general bits & bats.

Everyone having a good weekend so far?
Mine has been slightly disappointing but I will get on to that in a mo.
I suffered a sleepless night last night, eldest son (but not old enough) rolled in at a ridiculous hour with tales of being on various buses for near on 4 hours. Knowing him like one does their own son I don't find the story that hard to believe. He did once go to school in one of his own shoes and one of his brothers. The only reason we discovered his error was that his bro noticed he was one shoe amiss.

Yesterday I tried to retrieve my Mojo.

But, alas, my making labels remain in their little jar.

I spent time fanning through my many craft and inspirational magazines.

But still nothing. I am going to take all you lovely people's advice and let it rock up in it's own time.
When it does eventually turn up, if it isn't hanging it's little Mojo head in shame then there will be trouble!

On the plus side, my desk is lovely and tidy.

So this morn after a rather disturbed night I was up and ready for my first appearance at a new fair in Heaton Moor.
I knew little about it, I did know that it was a produce market and there would be a beer festival in the bar. I was aware that in the room my table would be in there would be a craft fair. I had mentioned to the organiser that I was mainly Vintage but that I also sold vintage craft supplies and some little bits of my own crafts.
On arrival it all looked promising. There was tea making facilities. It was warm and dry. There was a chair for me to park my toosh, yes, it was all good.
I was most pleased with how my stall looked.

All in all it was going well.
Things started to go down hill once the clock struck ten and the fair began......
Sound effects please (Mabel and Bean if you would be so kind). The sound effects required are deathly silence but with an eerie wind.
I asked the organiser if we could have some tunes for a bit of ambience, we got Snow Patrol. As succesful as Snow Patrol are, they do make me want to weep whilst ringing the people I know to tell them that I love them and that the end is nigh, that's just me, maybe?
Now please don't get me wrong here, the organiser was most lovely. Twas not her fault.
I think maybe people have gone on their jollies, or, they heard Snow Patrol from the bar combined with my sobs and turned on their heels.
I did meet some nice people however.

That's not a nice person btw, that is me (slightly blurry pic taken by littlest, blurry pics work well for me).
I bought the head band that I am modelling from a lovely mother and daughter team. We had a great chat and I discovered that they sell at Magpies and I fair in Altrincham so I will look forward to seeing them again. You can check their blog out here
I also had a visit from my most bestest customer (no really). Littlestmy and I are fellow tweepers. We had a really good chat and she kept me sane so thanks Miss Taylor.
I also chatted with a lady called Sam from a new magazine. She took a few pics of my stall so, fingers crossed it was not a complete waste of a Saturday morning.
The magazine is called Pretty Nostalgic and you can read all about it here.
Sam was telling me about a lovely article she had just written about her collection of old photos.
The magazine will be available in May.

Tonight Mr Betty, littlest and moi will be dining out. Middling and Eldest are at the footie as usual.

I once read a book, it was one of my favourite reads actually. It was all about avoiding chains, ie, chains of eateries, petrol stations etc etc.
The book was called Unchained and is written by the comedian Dave Gorman (bear with me on this folks I am slowly getting to the point). Basically he sets himself the challenge of driving across America using only unchained supplies, independant cafe's and restaurants, independant hotels and independent filling stations. The book is amazing and it really inspired me to do the same.

Anyway, tonight we are going to the Trafford Centre, eating at Giraffe and buying Lego so as you can see I have been about as good at that challenge as I was at my vegetarianism (day 2 ate a slice of Salami in error and truth be told a bit of Mr Bettys sausage).

Thank you all for reading, sorry my tales of the fair are a bit depressing.
Thanks for all the Fair support via Twitter Mrs Thrifty and Fading Grace. It means a lot. X

Location:Kro Bar Heaton Moor


  1. The Nostalgia Mag link could be incorrect. I will amend it when I receive the email. X

  2. Did you sell the remaining lamb & deer? Just asking of course...

    1. Of course you are!
      Sold lamb, they are very popular. I do have another and I will tweet it tomorrow just for you.
      The deer remains mine. X

  3. Oh I'm so honored to be mentioned in a blog....I could literally die happy (whilst doing my own death sound effects).
    The stall looks fantastic....I have told hubby in no uncertain terms how unhappy I am with 'restricted budget' - sadly he looks very nonplussed!
    I am looking forward to seeing you in Altrincham, maybe your mojo is there somewhere...x

    1. I had to give a mention to my sound effect crew (just you actually).
      You better be at Altrincham. No need to spend limited budget. Just come and have a coffee and a chat with moi. X

  4. Such gorgeous labels, so pretty! Your stall looks gorgeous and to be in a magazine.....super exciting! xx

    1. Thanks Grace, we will have to see whether anything comes of the magazine thingy majiggy.
      I am so pleased you think my stall looked nice, makes it all worthwhile. X

  5. Love the blog post, had us in stitches and summed the morning up brilliantly! It was great to meet you and look forward to seeing you again at Altrincham. Thank you for the mention and the link to the JJKitsch blog x

  6. hello there! I am the un-named lady from the Magazine that was chatting to you at Heaton Moor Craft Market yesterday. My name is Sam! sorry I don't remember giving it you! the magazine is i am actually just uploading the pics to my blog just now. Was lovely to meet you and I am defintely forwarding on the pics to the editor. First hard copy issue is out in May where you can read my feature on my collection of World War II love letters, photographs and greetings cards!and also a feature I did on the Great British Scotch Egg! best wishes, Sam

    1. Hi Sam, glad you got in touch. Will change the link now.
      Will the magazine be easily available? Defo getting a copy!
      Lovely to meet you and I am going to pop over to your blog right now.
      Emma. X

  7. Your stall looks great! How exciting about the magazine - can't wait to see it:)