Monday, 2 April 2012

Things that are making me smile and a thrifty present for the kitties.

It is the school holidays, I am sure you are all aware of this fact. What makes this obvious to me is the fact that the boys are here.....all day.
Actually, mum has taken littlest to Bolton to see his cousin so just the 2 big boys are around.
They eat quite a lot.

Here are some things that are making me smile today.

Mugs of pencil crayons. Putting them in mugs makes them so much more accessible to little hands. Since placing all the littlests crayons in old, chipped mugs I have noticed a real increase in his drawing and colouring. Can't be a bad thing!

I bought an egg cup (yes I am literally out of control). Inside the egg cup was this little fella. I loved these when I was little. They were really popular and one could own every different clingy animal that is capable of clinging. I seem to recall that I had a koala. Did you have one?

I usually employ these little shelves for displaying fabric bundles on my stall. I have just realised what a terrible shame it is that it spends so much time stored away in the shed. I decided to place it on my desk and I must tell you, it is very handy dandy.

So, what I have been doing with my 'littlest' free day I hear you ask.
I could have just sat around drinking tea but that's just not me.
In-between feeding the 'big boy's I have been making a present for the kitties. My kitties are Bengal X and I have found them to be rather destructive. They have pretty much destroyed their biggest cat play centre in the world. They have broken the radiator bed (inherited from Perry).

What I decided to do involves the legs off this.

And one of these.

I will be purchasing some more legs for my dolls house but at the moment it is stored in the shed because to start working on it and furnishing it whilst the kitties are still members of a viscious gang seems silly.
Mr Betty was heavily involved in the DIY side of the project. When I told him what I was planning he did appear to walk off shaking his head but I put that down to him being shocked at how ingenious I am.
I have not shown it to the kitties yet.

It will be a surprise for them when they return from their play in the garden.
I have a feeling that I will have to make 2 beds as they grow bigger but I will save that for a day when Mr Betty is at a loose end.
I am very pleased with it and I hope the kitties will be too.

I must add, just to reassure all the vintage suitcase lovers out there, that the suitcase used was in a very poor state of repair. The clasps were rusty and wouldn't lock and the top was all squewiff.
As you all know, I have plenty more suitcases where that one came from (in my shed).
Anyone else fancy making one for their pets?
I will get Mr Betty to do a tutorial!

I have to leave my blog now as the 'big boy's are loitering in the door way. I think they need feeding again.
Thanks for reading. X


  1. I had a koala :-)
    I think that's a fab idea - looks so comfy.

  2. Oh wow, I love what you, or rather, Mr Betty, did to the suitcase. I think I've seen somewhere on the internet, suitcases converted to coffee tables. I'd love Mr Betty to do a tute. Yeeeess purlease!

    1. I will tell Mr Betty that the tutorial is on!
      Oooh, suitcase coffee table, now yer talkin. X

  3. Hi Mr Sock, you are the second person to tell me they had a koala. They must have been good sellers back in the day.
    Kitties not been in the new bed yet, too busy curling up on my knee. X

  4. What, that Mr Betty has such a wasted talent, he should be on the telly doing a tutorial! Hope your kitties love their new bed. Julie xxx