Thursday, 5 April 2012

Thrifty Thursday and Wish List Número 3

I have not been thrifting in my usual serious fashion. My boys of 3 are on their school holidays so I have been knee deep in dirty socks and I have been providing meals on an hourly basis. (the toilet situation is too painful to talk about).
During the summer holidays I am going to be a bit more savvy. I am going to get a large loan from the bank and send the boys to Subway for breakfast subs and lunch subs and then I will get meals on wheels to deliver in the evening. I will get my mum to answer the door to the meals on wheels guy, I do have my pride!! I am also going to rent one of those porta loos that builders have when the home owner wont let them use their bathroom.
Anyway, back to thrifting news.

I got this most amazing vintage jigsaw. I don't know whether I have told you but I am partial to collecting toys and I am a bit of a cat lover too. I just had to have it.
I am displaying it as a normal person might display a piece of art. It is not art and I am not normal so I feel it works well.

I just loves these. I don't actually use them although I very well may during the camping season.
Liking the green one the bestest.

Tupperware! I just love it. This is going to be very handy for keeping juice cool in the fridge. It is orange plastic which makes it all the more heart warming. I have a had the green jug a while but I am going to have to put it in a safe place. Mr Betty keeps using it. Is he mad? I am going to start having to label things for his benefit, things that may be used and things that must only be admired (from afar in his case). Why would he even think it is acceptable to heat milk in this? Is he insane? If he is insane could it be anything to do with me?

I have been thinking of late.
I have some new wish list items to share with you. They all have purpose.

The first is a Tomado shelf unit.
I actually want one for Mr Betty. He has a collection of cars that are currently stashed away and need to be displayed. For obvious reasons he cannot have any space in my cabinets. Cars do not sit well with pottery lambs, clogs and globes.
These are quite an expense on EBay so I am thinking about getting him one for Fathers Day.

I want these Royal Worcester fish place mats. They are the only place mats I like and I need some for my white table. It is getting scratched so it is verging on an emergency purchase.
If anyone sees any for sale, let me know!

Yes, yes, I have expressed my want for one of these before.
I still want one and the feeling is getting stronger. Might have to wait til Christmas ;(

I am loving vintage food tins at the moment. I would like some for the outside area.
How good would they look with herbs planted in them.

Pyrex. I am just loving it.
This cupboard is gorgeous but how great does the display across the top look. Must start a collection immediately.

I am meeting a new blog friend next week for a coffee and I am really looking forward to it.
I have bought a few things from her and we thought that it would be a fabby idea to meet (our homes are close in proximity) to hand over my goods and combine it with a cappuccino and a chat. Blogging really has enabled me to meet some lovely people.
Here is what I have purchased from her.

I am currently 'jazzing up' my boudoir and thought the cases and the shade would do the job nicely. I am going to have white bedding with a whole assortment of vintage pillowcases. I am going to invest in a bright yellow candlewick bedspread too.
Pop over to Vanessa's blog here and check out her Etsy shop. It is flippin good.

Tonight the big boys are visiting their Nana so it might just be a little more peaceful.
For dinner I will be cooking chicken and veg kebabs ( I am not a vegetarian anymore, it was too complicated).
Thanks for reading. X


  1. colourful pics! :)
    ooh that lamp shade is fab!! I love it xx

    1. Hello you!
      The lampshade was a bargain. She (Vanessa) made it herself.
      I will blog my bedroom pics when it is complete.
      How are you? X

  2. Gaaah, I am so dying for some tomado shelves! They're so pretty. I love all the pillowcases too, great prints! XO

    1. Hi Catherine, just hoping I might 'find' some Tomado shelves. Not gonna happen is it.
      Are you at VV on Sunday? I am coming as a buyer.
      Just reading your latest blog but some of your pics were missing. Going to try again now.

  3. Love the cups - I remember them! (Showing my age!)
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

    1. Liz, I remember them too and I am in my 30s albeit the last year of them......sobs a little:(

  4. Really enjoyed reading this post, look forward to my next visit! x

  5. Thanks so much for the mention! Looking forward to meeting up on Tuesday. Love your photo wish list - I'm a bit obsessed with Pyrex at the moment. I picked up loads recently in Edinburgh, of all places, and have picked up some cracking pieces in a place near me which I'll tell you all about when I see you.

    Vanessa x

  6. Hello,
    I am selling my Royal Worcester fish placemats on eBay soon.
    Best wishes,