Sunday, 8 April 2012

This weekend I have mostly been doing this..........

Impending Easter egg hunt equipment.

This weekend has been all about the kids apart from this morning when I had about an hour of it being all about me. More on that very soon.
Yesterday (Saturday) we spent quite a long time on adventures in the woods with littlest and we popped in to M&S (littlest calls it Marks Expensive) for some lazy, tasty food for dinner.
The inlaws came round in the evening with an enormous box of Krispy Kremes for desert.
Tv on a Saturday is durge so I busied myself making cute cushions out of some thrifted fabric. I think it's a bit Liberty style and I am just so in to pops of red at the moment.

Billy has very rudely abandoned his snake right in my shot!
I have also put a vintage red bedspread across the sofa cushions. It is so cozy now.

Mr Betty and I hardly slept last night, stop it you lot!. It was a mystery as to why this occured but Mr Betty was forced to make emergency cups of tea at about 3 in the morning. I think our sleeplessness might have been caused by heavy rain and a very rowdy sheep.

Miraculously we managed to rise reasonably early.

I had a cappuccino made by Mr Betty and a very unhealthy sausage sandwich made by me.
Do you like my new orange 'Tams' cups? A gift from vintage Kitty. Rachell has yet to get started on her blog but I am quite keen to encourage her as she collects Deco stuff and I think it will make a very interesting blog. Get on with it Rachell!!

After breakfast we set off for the Vintage Village Easter Parade.
I have been in a bit of a dither about visiting as a buyer. It has been so long since I have not had a stall there. I have missed all the build up to it, I love to join in on all the Facebook frenzy and blog about all my new stuff.

I was made to feel very welcome as is every visitor that enters the Victorian Market Hall. I had a couple of things to drop off one of which was a big bag of buttons for a lovely lady and her mum. They make fantastic button jewellery and all profits are donated to charity. Great people!
I also had some vintage embroidery transfers for a woman that always sits stitching throughout the fair. I love to see people crafting so they just had to be hers.

So, what did I buy?
Not that much surprisingly. I was all prepared for a real splurge but for some reason I was very reserved.
I treated myself to a really pretty Vernon Ward picture for my fireplace.

I am so into florals at the moment.
I bought this from my good blog friend Catherine. She always has fabby stuff and she works with her mum which I always find heart warming.

I got a nice piece of barkcloth fabric that will be perfect for making my Ooohbetty kitty dresses.
I bought this from Kitsch Republic.
This lady's stall is always in easy view of my stall at the VV. This is not a bad thing as she is gorgeous and her haberdashery stuff is an absolute bargain.
I got this piece of fabric and all these buttons

for only £2.50!! unbelievable. I always buy bits and bobs from her and today I was really chuffed with all the buttons as I have just purchased all the gumf to enable me to make some Vintage button rings. Strangely enough, Mollie Makes mag arrived with a whole feature on Vintage buttons so I have had inspiration at my fingertips.
I will be sure to blog my ring making attempts as soon as they happen unless it is a complete disaster. I have had some unsettling incidents involving epoxy glue in the past. One particular event involved a spoon and my hair, you can work out the rest of the story for yourself.

Guess what else I bought. You will not Adam and Eve it.

A clip on Paddington that will be keeping Raymond company (Raymond is a clip on racoon btw).
They are already hanging out together.

My last but possibly most important purchase, for my boys of 3 obviously, was some of Stuarts cakey pops.

Stuart and his dedicated team are genius.
If you want to know where to get his amazing cakes it is best to keep tabs on him here.

This afternoon we are having an indoor egg hunt.
This evening Mr Betty, littlest, middling and moi will be eating out. Biggest son is off to the footie. Apparently, it could be the end of the season for MCFC. The mood in our ''house at the end of the runway' is rather tense.

I hope you are all having a lovely Easter weekend with lots of rest, love and chocolate.
I will be back soon with news on the Magpies and I fair which will be held next Sunday. What will I be selling? Just you wait and see. X


  1. yummy buttons and a great price they are so pricey! Am very into flowers as well - love your picture! Happy Easter xx

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Hi Grace, I had to remove my reply as my IPad changed the word 'thing' to 'TGIF'. I panicked that it might be rude. MR Betty has just reassured me that it actually means Thank God It's Friday. Having said that the TGIF would have made little sense when talking about the merits of collecting small buttons over full sized vintage suitcases.
      I must type slowly in future. X

  2. I had a Paddington just like that when I was little :-)
    Love the cushion fabric, hope you've had a good day, car boot tomorrow, my favourite one...can't wait, am so excited I probly wont sleep a wink xx

    1. Morning Sophie, I am gutted. Car Boot rained off here. The disappointment is taking over my brain.
      Hope you can cheer me up later with your finds. X

  3. Oh my, can't believe you found another little clip on friend! They're just fab.
    I love Kitsch Republic, so nice and chatty and the things she sells are fab, I got some great buttons from her too...and yes, cakes...we bought cakes and a push-up cake pop for the small person at home. Was a fab morning - cant wait for the next one!

    1. Ah, those push up pops looked amazing. I felt that after my tray of Krispy Kremes I may have been over doing it a bit so stuck to the cakey pops. Next time I am having one!!

  4. I just wanted to thank you for following my blog. To "spread the love” I have clicked through to some of your commercial content.
    Carole’s Chatter

    1. Thanks Carole although I have absolutlely no idea what you are talking about.
      Obviously I understand 'spreading the love' I am very good at that but the commercial thing is beyond me. I am sure it is all good.
      Emma. X

  5. Marks Expensive! Love it!

    What a lovely, entertaining report and I'm so glad you enjoyed your day on the other side of the table, so to speak. I'm looking forward to the return of the Oooh Betty! travelling roadshow of wonders soon though - we missed you!

    1. Thanks so much. I cannot miss another!
      X x x