Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Mr Betty's big delivery, crochet (just for the hell of it) and the giveaway draw.

Today was a big day for Mr Betty.
He has received the delivery of all deliveries. Mr Betty is very blokey and loves Land Rovers, he loves all things Land Rovery.
Today's delivery was Land Rover parts and they have travelled all the way from Dubai.
By way of proof of this fact there was a huge amount of sand included and I must admit to being amazed that little grains of desert sand have travelled all that way and are now dusted all over my drive, house and settled in Mr Bettys crevices.

The crates arrived on the truck pictured above. They were removed using a fork lift truck, all very exciting. All the crates were opened using a crow bar. On his return from school, littlest son was placed inside the crates and given the very important task of passing up parts to his Daddy and Adam (Mr Bettys trusted sidekick).
I was on Tea making duties.

This is my cup of tea btw, the blokes get their tea served up in my 'unattractive mugs'. you all know what I mean!!
The parts are now neatly stacked on metal racking in our big shed. It is very organised and official.

The last few evenings I have mainly been doing crochet just for the hell of it.

They may become cushion covers. I am thinking of backing them in a patterned fabric for a bit of oomph. I need to press them, that's the boring bit though.
It can be a tricky hobby to have when one is the proud owner of two kitties who are under cover terrorists. In fact, truth be told, they don't just stop at wool. They are partial to a bit of cotton, they quite enjoy winging around the odd embroidery thread too.
I have kept them busy this evening with the very important task of drawing the winner of my 'Springy Thingy' giveaway, more on that shortly.

Just like to share a couple of things that are making me smile today.

This is a little picture that my Grandma made many years ago. I have just put it up today and I am liking it lots.I would like to build up a cluster of pictures above my desk, I do have a new addition winging it's way from Sophie. Pop over to her blog and see if you can guess what she is sending me.

I am also enjoying my stack of mismatched blue and white plates.I am happier living in a mismatched world these days as I never have to worry about breakages. 'other Oooh Betty' is a bugger for breaking things and she will be guest blogging this week with her huge selection of pottery. It will be called 'potty about pottery'. She does have some things that aren't broken (yet).

I went to the dump today and found this.

It is battered beyond belief but it is red and it has badges so how could I just leave it. It is functional and I am a bit mad.

Now on to most important matters.
I, with the help of Lola, have made my Springy Thingy draw.

I would have liked be all pro blogger and picture the unfurled piece of paper therefore unveiling the winner but alas, Lola made quite a job of her little task and chewed the paper up.
They had eaten fishy whiskas for lunch so it was rather whiffy too.

Luckily I was left with a piece big enough to reveal the word 'Henny' and can on that basis announce the winner to be Handmade by Henny
This is rather a nice outcome as she only started blogging this month. I hope we see more of her in the blog world in the next few weeks as she seems to be a very lovely lady.

I will be making the giveaway a regular thing as I love giving prezzies. The things I giveaway may never be worth a fortune but they will always be interesting ;)

I will be back soon with more blarb.
Thanks for reading. X


  1. Imagine you would get a delivery of crochet yarns
    in a truck! :-o
    I like your collection of mismatched plates, i do have such a collection too with pink and green roses...very practical with three little kids ;-)
    That suitcase is looking perfect, i loooove old suitcases...


    1. I am now going to doze off thinking about trucks arriving and what I imagine could be the best possible delivery. I will be dreaming of wool, fabric, tins......oh my.
      I think mismatch is the way everything should be. Clothes, bedding, everything!
      I think we all know you like old suitcases btw. X

  2. what a find, red cases are fab......I cannot seem to get crochet - keep trying though x

    1. Hi Grace,I have only just learned to crochet.It took me loads of failed attempts and I can only do the basics. It is more of a relaxation thing for me, just so therapeutic.
      YouTube is quite good for learning the stitches.
      Keep trying. X

  3. What is Mr Betty going to do with all those Landrover parts! Great suitcase, our dump is starting to be a bit awkward with wanting to take things way, like paying for it! Julie xxx

    1. Julie, that is awkward, having to pay at the dump! Thing is, we are reducing landfill, let's protest.
      Mr Betty is hopefully going to sell all the parts and make lots of money and buy me lots of things from my ever growing wish list. That's the plan anyway (my plan that is). X

  4. Kittens look so sweet! Must be difficult keeping your yarn from them. Suitcase is amazing.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  5. Hello Liz, yes it is a very tricky task keeping my yarn, kitten free. As a pair my kitties are a force to be reckoned with.
    Glad you like my suitcase. It is in the hall at the moment. I quite like having a suitcase in the hall as it makes me feel all holidayish. Bring on the warm weather!