Sunday, 18 March 2012

What was in the Box and Tales from the Fair.

What a nice day I have had.
My first day at the 'Magpies and I' vintage and craft fair. It was lovely.
Late start, arrived at 10.30 so plenty of time to let Mr Betty pamper me this morn. Set up by 11.00. The size of the stall took me by surprise, it was really spacious. I didn't have enough stock in all honesty but it was nice to have it all spaced out for a change.
I forgot quite a bit of my craft stuff but I was not too worried about that.

The people in the surrounding stalls were so friendly.
I had visits from Jane of Teawagon Tales and we had a great chat. Truth be told, she has really inspired me to carry on with what I am doing and what I want to be doing so thanks for coming to say Hi.
I also got to have a chat with Susie of Old Fashioned Susie fame, she was clutching a healthy stash of vintage fabrics which is always a sign of a successful day ( well it is in my world).

I sold a typewriter to a lovely lady and as soon as I have finished writing this here blog post I am going straight over to her 'The Den at Beechwood' blog to have a good read. Her stuff was absolutely brilliant, cushions in fabby fabric and some pretty handmade bags. Well worth a look!

I have come home to a nice dinner cooked by Mr Betty, Mum was invited too.
I must now show you what was in 'that box'.

Can you flippin believe it?
Mr Betty reads my blog and he has got me a gift from my most expensive wish list of things I can't really afford. What a luckster I am.
I am going to do exactly what I said I would do if I owned this lovely bowl. I am going to fill it with chocolate eggs covered in brightly coloured foil wrappers.

The picture that follows was taken by the Mr and although I look like a reet minga I just have to share it with you.

This pretty much sums up what I will be doing tonight. Me and my furry boy.
Thanks to everyone that supported me today and came to say hi, I will definitely be returning to Altrincham vintage Market in the future. X


  1. Well that box was worth waiting for wasnt it, the excitement was building to tremendous proportions of not knowing was in it were your hands shaking as you were opening it, what a great pressie, wish I had it and it will look fabby with your foil wrapped eggys! Great pic of you and pussycat. Glad you enjoyed your day an hope your feeling better. Julie xxx

    1. Hi Julie, that box was driving me mad.
      Off to buy eggs today.
      Hope you are ok. X

  2. hello, twas so lovely to chat with you on sunday...even though I kept getting in the way of your customers :)
    hope your feeling better and look forward to catching up with you again soon x x x x x x

    1. Next Altrincham Market?? Bring a stool and a flask. X

  3. recognise that gorgeous primark carry - you have superb taste! Typewrite envy is coming across the internet, I gave (why?????) mine away a few years ago and totally regret it.....haven't really found one since - apart from one that was so expensive I could almost have got a laptop for the same price! x

    1. Hi Grace, Primark carry? I got some gifts in that bag for Christmas. Now I know where the gifts were from, not complaining. It is a nice bag.
      I am mad about typewriters. They are not being made anymore so now is th time to buy one.

  4. great to see such a succesful day and we are now following all your recommendations :)

  5. How funny, I wrote cardy and it corrected to carry!!!!

  6. It was lovely to meet you on Sunday, and to finally put my 'why didn't I buy that gorgeous typewriter when I had the chance' tale of woe to rest, finally, by buying the marvellous typewriter from you. (Yes, it brings my total number of typewriters owned to three, and no, I don't imagine it will stop there, but so what? That's not the point (I tell myself)).

    Your stall looked fantastic - you had some beautiful, very eye catching things for sale - I could have spent much more with you...

    Hopefully see you at the next Magpies Market.

    Vanessa x