Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Oooh Betty at the Vintage Village Spring Fair.

Happy Wednesday everybody.
Today I have a little selection of Vintage goodies for the children. I, as a mother of 3,am well aware that if us parents wish to visit somewhere of a weekend there is every chance that our offspring will be tagging along (usually with a miserable look on their lovely little faces).
I know for a fact that this is not something that occurs at the Vintage Village. I know this because I see all the children having a lovely time and also, Mr Betty always comes to see me and our little Oooh Betty stall, and he always brings littlest son for a mooch.
It is very rare that littlest goes home empty handed. There is always a Ladybird book, last time it was insects, very handy for advice on our stick insects. Sometimes there are some vintage figures for him and once he picked up a fabby Ghostbusters viewfinder.
No child leaves without some of Stuart Thornley cake pops, that would be a travesty.
No, I can honestly say, Vintage Village is kid friendly.

I love Vintage toys, I am verging on being a collector. I love all the old snap cards and annuals. I am totally attracted to all the vintage Fisher Price toys, yes, I am keen on toys.

I have put together a little selection of stuff as a taster, there will be a lot more, that I promise!

Some of my home-made crayons, there will be stars, roses and hearts.
A tin of monkeys, my son loves these. A board game or 2 and a selection of ladybird books.

I cannot wait for Sunday. It will be warmer, I am hoping for some of my blog friends to come and meet me and of course, my children will visit along with Mr Betty.

Tomorrow I will be back with a selection of art from 'the other Oooh Betty' and moi.
We have a really cool selection let me tell you.

Next week I will have to catch up on all my personal blog tales. These will include home hair bleaching, minestrone soup making and an outdoor herb rack. These tales are all unrelated to each other btw, I'm not insane!!

Location:Victorian Market Hall Stockport.


  1. I will without a doubt be there this sunday.up early with the mother thrifting at boot sales then head to stockport with the other half to be among the vintage lovliness,oooh the hubby will be pleased...not. A cake pop should keep him quiet though while I rummage :) roll on sunday x

    1. The perfect Sunday! Make sure you blog about all your car booty, I love to see people's finds.
      Look forward to meeting you. X

    2. Its my favourite day of the week :) ooh I will im going to do a post later on my thrifts over the past week,my bedroom is like a shop and its taking over the house! I love it though.
      You too ill be sure to stop by,ill be the one with the happy face and a bodybuilder in tow whos looking very lost and confused haha x

  2. Have fun at the fair, I'm sure you will have a successful and enjoyable day. Can't wait to hear all about it. BTW, I really really want that till, I'm sure there was one in the classroom at school when I was teeny tiny! xx

    1. Hi Julia, I am struggling to part with that till I really am. I had one when I was little but it also had a till roll so you could hand out little receipts.
      I will not rest until I find one with a till roll. X