Thursday, 8 March 2012

Oooh Betty at the Vintage Village Spring Fair

Today I have a selection of Vintage prints to wet your appetite ahead of the fair.
Before I show you our rather kitsch collection I must just share this with you.

This is a picture that my Dad painted of Petersgate in Stockport. It was a very early one of his paintings but does kinda explain my affection for Stockport as a place and why I get so much pleasure out of being a part of the Vintage Village.
I will, in my future blogs, show you more of his work. I do like to show off you know!

Back to the important matter of the forthcoming fair. I quote the lovely Sarah of Tin Trunk when I tell you that the Spring Fair is going to "be a biggie". It is this Sunday and it is not to be missed.

Above is a little selection of pics that I will be selling on Sunday. The Dallas Simpson print is really large and 'in the flesh' extremely beautiful.
Vet on Ward seems to be hot at the moment, the floral display is one of his and Jayne (the other Oooh Betty) has got some absolute beauties.

I am very attracted to the 2 Vernon Ward deer prints. I love a fawn I do!!
I will not be buying them from her though, it is against Oooh Betty rules don't you know.

There is a lot of pre fair news to be found here. News about all the new traders that will be debuting their goods, great food from Babushkas and the all important cake menu from Stuart Thornley Cake Design.

Tomorrow I will be blogging about Mothers day gifts. I have slightly deviated from my blog planning this week but, hey ho, that's just me. I fly by the seat of my pants at all times.
Thanks for reading. X

Location:Victorian Indoor Market in Stockport.


  1. Oh my goodness, that little girl with the Fox Terrier has given me a flashback to my childhood! I'm sure it must have been in on of my grannys' houses, and maybe explains why Fox Terriers remain my favourite type of dog!

    I'll be making a beeline to your stall on Sunday for lots of reasons, but that's another one.

  2. Your Dad's picture is great, did he paint a lot, seen the V.W. fawn pics at a car boot but they were asking a ridiculous price for them. Hope you have a good day on Sunday, it almost makes me want to be back in Stockport again! Julie xxx

  3. I love the painting of your Dads, wow! Good luck for the fair hope you sell loads, xx