Sunday, 4 March 2012

Oooh Betty Loves Wales

Mr Betty and I have returned from our mini break.
We have had such fun.

Driving round the Great Orme , twice.
Searching for Land Rovers hidden down country lanes.
Treasure hunting for my kinda treasure.
Eating....a lot
Listening to real bad karaoke
Drinking tea (moi)
Drinking coffee (Mr Betty)
Visiting Drew Pritchards place (of Salvage Hunters fame)

It may not be what everyone considers to be a great weekend, we live the exact opposite of the rock and roll lifestyle, but this is what makes us smile.

We set off leaving littlest son, trunks and towel under his arm, ready for a pool party.
Largest son anxiously awaiting the arrival of some Twang tickets, there was pacing.
Middling son sprawled across the playroom floor after a particularly late running sleepover.
We were not too sad to see the back of them to be brutally honest.

On route Mr Betty surprised me with a sneaky visit to Drew Pritchards antique place in Conwy We have been avid watchers of 'Salvage Hunters for a while so I was very excited.
The place is amazing, industrial lighting, life size bronze stags, refectory tables that could seat 20,pews,circus signs, and loads more crazy but fascinating things. Too pricey for us, I would have loved a haberdashery cupboard, but well worth a visit.

We then stopped for lunch at a restaurant that was established during a very important year.

Panini for the Mr and an omelette for moi. I rarely partake in the eating of omelettes but I came over all welsh and had to do a Stacy....if you have watched it you will understand.

We checked in to the B&B. Looks quite small from the front but it was a really large Edwardian house. Lovely original tiled hall and great panelling on the walls. We liked it a lot.

We took two trips round the Great Orme. This pic was taken this morn, I did not have my camera the first time round which was a great shame as the sun was out and it was breath taking.

At the peak of the Great Orme there were names written in stones that could be seen from quite a distance. I would have liked to add Oooh Betty loves Mr Betty but it was too cold and the stones appeared to be rather thin on the ground.
I also am very lazy and couldn't be arsed.

Mr Betty and I found a cozy little pub for few beers, it seemed nice and peaceful for all of 20 minutes, then a short orange man fired up the karaoke equipment and the fun really began......not.
At first we felt that we were going to have to move on but before long we actually started enjoying it. The short orange man was certainly loving it as were all the singers, all the fun was quite infectious. We stayed all evening.

Next day we pottered down to the dining room in time for the breakfast (quite an achievement I would say). Lovely full welsh breakfast, yum. Then it was back on the road destined for home but the long way round, travelling through all the villages and towns.

We did find an old Land Rover tucked behind a fence so Mr Betty was happy and we stumbled across an Attic Sale on the way home (I do get lucky I cannot lie) so I was a happy bunny too.
I will save all my finds for Thrifty Thursday if that's ok with you.

Mr Betty and I have returned to what can only be described as carnage. I think my boys have managed to set the world record for 'the most pots in a kitchen sink'. Biggest son had decided to try his hand at pancakes, it had not gone well.

My mum was in charge btw, she lives next door and by the look of things that's where she had remained for the duration of our trip, god bless her.

I have made broccoli and gruyere soup for supper and managed to sort out the house and now I am going to catch up on all my PC stuff. Our mini break rule was 'no internet'. I left the IPad at home but I think Mr Betty might have been secretly surfing when I was not looking....

This week I will mostly be blogging about the Vintage Fair. Lots of prep and pictures of all the stuff that I will be selling.
Thanks for reading, sorry if it is a bit of a ramble, I am very tired ;) x



  1. Sounds like a great adventure, totally love salvage hunters only dicovered it recently. Me and the Mr had a similar evening many years ago with a guy looking like a 70's porn star on an electronic piano in was hilarious! can't wait to see what you found x

  2. What a great weekend youv'e had, sounds like good fun was had by all and youv'e done lots of things, fantastic. Julie xxx