Monday, 12 March 2012

Tales from the Fair

Hello everyone.
I need to apologise for this blog in advance.
I had been so excited about the fair but I got ill on Saturday and really struggled yesterday. Add to that the fact that my camera decided to reject it's one and only memory card. Also I banged my leg at some point during the loading process and was in agony all day.....anyone crying for me yet?
Obviously all the people made it a joy, I had visits from a few pals and a lovely lady collected a custom order from me (sort of a first for me).
Sarah of Tin Trunk bought the cat she fell in love with and I sold well, mostly selling early doors, it could almost have been classed as a frenzy for the first hour or so.
Finder of the fair wasJayne of Strumpets Bazaar. When I first met her she was in her civvies which consisted of dungarees, big woolly cardy and a headscarf. She looked cute. The words 'scrubbed up well' would not do her Sunday outfit justice.....she looked amazing!

I took a few pics of our stuff on my phone. I missed my camera. Had my camera not malfunctioned I would have taken some of the people and the other stalls.

Other Oooh Bettys beautifully wrapped soaps, ideal for Mothers day gifts. Can you spot the retro Mills and Boon? Theses are her favourite reads and where she learns all her romantic moves...Other Mr Betty is a lucky man!

Lots of my orange stuff. What is it about orange? The ice bucket and retro melamine is maybe out a bit early for the outdoor season.

Other Oooh Bettys multi-coloured glass and pottery. (please don't ask about purchasing the Martini table cloth. Many have asked and many have failed).

My Remploy trolley full of bits and bobs. The tins are still in my possession and I am awaiting a possible swap.....hurry up on that Agnes Darling.

I hope you are not too disappointed with my ailing blog attempt. I'm ailing, not the blog, I hope.
I still had a fabby time and can never thank Alan and Sarah, the organisers of the event, enough for all their hard work. Their feedback and support is incredible.

Here is a pic of my upper thigh,lower bum injury.

Only kidding, can't be showing off my athletic physique to the world, jealousy can be an ugly thing as is my lower arse area ;)

Tomorrow is Tuesday and therefore should be Tuesday Book day. Mollie Makes has just done an amazing article on the book I had planned to review and I am not goin up against our Mollie in any literary comparison.
Instead I am thinking that a goodie giveaway is due. It will cheer me up and it's just a nice feeling all round. X


  1. Goog post. Hope you feel much better soon

    1. Hi Carole, I have woken feeling like a new woman. Amazing what 12 hours sleep can do.
      I am glad you liked the post and make sure you check in later for the giveaway. X

  2. Nice post and cool eclectic collection of bits and bobs.

    1. Hi Zoe and welcome to my blog.
      I think Eclectic just about sums up my world. Pop by later for my giveaway. X

  3. Fun post, I am your newest follower.

    1. Hi Paulette, welcome!
      Pleased you thought my blog was fun, it drove me insane. Pics from my phone just wouldn't load. Etc etc, I could go on....
      Read my blog later, I am very excited about my giveaway. I am hoping there will be something to suit everyone. X

  4. Oh dear! I hope your bruises fade quickly! Lots of lovely things on your stall - the little doll looks cute!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  5. Thanks Liz.
    Don't forget to enter my Springy Thingy giveaway. X