Saturday, 10 March 2012

Perfect Saturday and yet another wish list.

The perfect Saturday for me is many cups of tea and some good quality reading material. I love peace and quiet of a weekend. These 2 little lovelies arrived, in the post, this morn. How fab.

I have yet to even start on Homespun Style, I am almost too excited.
Mollie Makes has got me thinking and planning already. I think that this year, given that I am currently unemployed (and loving it) I am going to take the opportunity of free time and really go for it on the Easter theme. There will be bunting, chicks, eggs, the whole caboodle.
My desk is going out and my blue 50s kitchen unit is coming in, Mr Betty is going to go mad!

I am thinking happy thoughts today and planning what I will buy when I find myself in employment again, there is something in the pipeline job wise, please cross your fingers and toes for me.
You know I am of the thrifty nature, I don't have a credit card and 99% of the things I buy are preloved. This wish list however is all new stuff that will require saving of the serious kind.

This is of high priority.
It is available from 'Not On The Highstreet' and is by Lapin and Me. It costs £62 in this colour which is Granny Green. It is a lamp, the most perfect lamp. It is actually for children but I do not care about this mere formality. I want it for myself. Granny Green are 2 words I will somehow find a reason to use in the future, hopefully not in relation to my new home hair bleaching practice. The words f****ng purple were used on the first attempt.

Also in the pretty high priority category is this little clock. I do actually NEED a clock for my living room. Sometimes I think I have sat on my little sofa for 10 minutes only to discover I have been there for most of the day. This clock would surely address this problem.
This clock is from Hunkydory Home and is a snip at only £30 (ahem).

I would like this Cath Kidston mixing bowl. I would like it before Easter so that I can fill it with chocolate eggs and look at it in times of need.
This can be bought direct from the Cath Kidston online store for £25
I don't actually need a mixing bowl, I have about ten already but that really has nowt to do with it.

I could probably afford some pom pom trim now?? I want some for my flower power lampshade.

I think the red will clash perfectly with the green and it will give it that Easter feeling.
This red pom pom trim is from
I may order some today. Hark at me!

The last thing on my wish list for today is something I have wanted for a while. I have always felt that I would find one on my travels, car boot find or maybe at the dump. Alas, this has not happened and I really, really want one.

I have so many little treasures just waiting to be displayed. Mini re-ment bits that I just had to buy, tiny vintage bears I have collected and lots of sewing bits that I would like to take out of their tins and display properly.
I think I might just bite the bullet and buy one online.
Does anyone know a good place to buy them? Anyone already got one (don't rub it in if you have).
What does everyone else consider to be the perfect lazy Saturday?
Does anyone share any of my wish list items?

One more sleep til the fair and I am pretty much prepared.
Thanks for reading and I will be back tomorrow with all the news of the fair. X

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  1. The red pom pom trim will look fab on your lampshade!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. I have also seen the lamp it is sooo gorgeous, I definately can't afford it :-( I have the lapin and me purse, I love their stuff. I bought a printers tray for my sis at a flea the other day it was £15 which I thought was a good price, I have one, I bought two at auction for £10, gave one to my mum and sold the other one. I could look out for you, but I don't know how long it will be before I see another one!! and then there would be much are they on line? At the rec yard they are really expensive. good luck for the fair xx

    1. I have seen them online on that big auction site for about £15 and £10 postage.
      What I might do is sell something to raise funds. Exhausted after fair, have felt I'll since last night, sore throat etc. Flipping typical! Been looking forward to it all week and struggled to enjoy it. Ho hum.
      You ok?
      Thanks for the feedback Sophie. Xx
      P.s, sorry about all the spelling mistakes I keep making on your blog, get to excited a tap away without thinking.

  3. hi there! just discovered your blog, and it made me smile...i am loving your list of bits and bobs to buy, you have very good taste! just thought i would say 'hi'. xx

    1. Hi Caroline, Thanks for the lovely comments and thanks for saying Hi.
      I think I may be saving my pennies for quite some time.