Friday, 9 March 2012

Thrifty Thursday but on a Friday.

If you have been following my blog you will know that it has been all about the fair for the last few days.
I thought it would be nice if I did my usual stuff too.
I have not had great thrifting luck of late and a lot of my findings will be sold on.
I would be a very unhappy Betty if I didn't treat myself to the odd nik nak. I do love to add little finds to my red wall cabinet.

I love this little tub of matches. Look at the little coloured ends! I also like the design on the box, butterflies always grab my attention.

I bought a Sanna Annuka M&S tin from the attic sale, I always manage to miss the limited edition biscuit tins that Marks bring out, probably a good thing as apparently the biscuits are addictive, nearly as addictive as mini eggs I have been told.
When my Aunt saw that I had one tin she kindly gave me another. Listen to this for shocking, she had bought the tin of biscuits at Christmas and only just finished them this week. How's that for self control!
I am keeping crayons in them....long story.

I got this Meakin bowl at the attic sale too. It is the 'Sol' design and although not exactly my taste I am rather fond of it because of the orange and black design. I bought 6 cake plates with it but I will sell them as I know someone will really love and appreciate them.

Another fawn to add to my growing fawn family. I like this one as he looks so proud. He is standing on my fire place and thinking to himself how foolish my kitties are, he is very sensible and considers tapping a weeble around the floor to be very silly and a complete waste of time.

I stumbled across yet another bettered old suitcase. What is it with suitcases? Why can't I walk past one without reaching for my purse? Am I ill? Is my subconscious telling me to pack one and get away for a holiday?
Nah, it's just that they are ace. They hold things safe, they store things out of sight, one can stack them high and take them to the fair. This one already has a whole lot of vintage fabric bundles tucked away in it's fusty insides.

Mr Betty, my sons of 3, my little bro, my mum and my Aunty (the one that has biscuit self control) are all out for Italian food this eve.
No cooking, woohoo!
On my return, I will watch Coronation Street and drink tea. I have a couple of mags to read too. Rock and Roll baby.
Thanks for reading, tomorrow I will tell you the very anxious tale of home hair bleaching,'other Oooh Betty' was involved and she has been suffering with an eye twitch ever since. X

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