Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Bits and Bats

I have plans in my mind for major fair prep which would include blog posts about fair stuff.
Unfortunately these plans I talk of are just of the mind at present. I will, absolutely, get on to it before Friday!!
The fair is on Sunday. Because I didn't sell at the Vintage Village last week I am very keen to get selling at Magpies and I. I am what one would describe as a 'giddy kipper'.

So what am I blogging for today? Well I just can't go very long without blogging, truth be told.
This blog is my passion it really is. I love it.

Yesterday I was very lucky to meet up with one of my blog friends. Not only did I collect some great items I had purchased from her lovely Etsy shop but we also had a lovely chat, nice coffee and a toasted teacake.
I will blog about my purchases at a later date as I have yet to blog pics of my bedroom and it needs tidying. Tidying is probably not a strong enough word but it is the only one I can think of.

We met at Beech Road cafe in Chorlton and it is well worth a visit. Great coffee and next time I visit there I am having a scone.

Today I have been to my friend Mics. We have been friends since college and we have sons of the same age so we spend lots of time together. We prefer it when the kids aren't involved and we can go mooching and drink cappuccinos in peace but it is the holidays so we had to make the best of it.
I came away with this little lot.

Mic had ideas on a knitting hobby but has since moved on to her Family Tree. Considering that her mum is Lebanese, her dad French, her grandparents Italian and German I think she might have found the knitting less of a challenge but I have the wool so I should keep my opinions quiet.I am going to make some of this for my bedroom.

This picture is of bunting that can be purchased from here. I am thinking mine will be quite a let down in comparison but I will enjoy making it.

My parcel of blank rings arrived today so I have been messing about with my button collection (great way to spend a few hours). I have been making little stacks of vintage button combinations.

Mr Betty has been approached by moi in a business capacity regarding the imminent button ring making project. I need him to remove the loops off any of the loopy backed buttons (are you getting me?).
Mr Betty plans on holding the buttons with a set of tweezers or pliers whilst sanding/grinding the backs down. I am told this is going to be a risky procedure. I asked him whether he was referring to the fact that the buttons, god forbid, might get damaged. I was reassured when he explained that this was not the case but the worries he was referring to was the possibility of him losing a knuckle, nail or even a finger. I have instructed him to go ahead and just have confidence in himself. Mr Betty has told me that I am not allowed to be involved in the sanding procedure and even my words of support won't be needed. I have been advised that it would be safer for me to stay in the house or possibly even go out.
He is so brave and independent.

I made some more Oooh Betty kitties.

And I thrifted some more cards for my ribbon and lace.

So I have done a bit of prep (ahem).

Today I collected an item that I had purchased.

I have wanted a printers letterpress tray for ages. It was on one of my wish lists some time ago.
Sadly this is not to be mine.
Littlest has fallen in love with the idea of storing and displaying his Lego minifigs in it's little compartments. I must agree with him on this fabby idea and Mr Betty is going to mount it, within easy little arm reach, on his bedroom wall. Can't wait to photograph his little display.
I must tell you about the place I collected it from. It was amazing.

I just wanted to live there!
It is in Altrincham, overlooking the canal and it is a venue that can be hired for crafty events and lots more. I am already trying to think of reasons I could hire it. Read all about it
If you hire it for a crafty 'How To' event, please invite me!

Well, that is your lot for today. Tonight I will mostly be eating Cous Cous, drinking tea and watching the bestest TV of the week.
Thanks for reading. x


  1. I am on the look out for a printers tray but only seen very expensive ones! Love the lace bits. Am very proud of the fact that I can now walk across our bedroom without falling over anything...been a massive obstacle course for a while!

    1. I will be getting on to the bedroom situation...........tomorrow, possibly.
      I got the printers tray off EBay but it was local so I saved on postage. Need to find another one now for me. X

  2. Oooh your rings look fab already,and that letter press tray is so cool.
    crochet bunting what a brill idea now if I could only crochet?! boooo I want someone to teach me!
    How many different fairs have you done,id really love to do one.xx

    1. Hi, I try to do 2 fairs a month if I can. It is definitely worth giving it a go, they are very enjoyable.
      When it comes to crochet I would try using YouTube tutorials to get started and jus keep practising.
      I am not that good really but I do like doing it. X

  3. Wow, now I am thinking what I can do in that big space..... Up doing tea trolley classes whilst drinking snowballs and playing the accordion????
    We have a printers tray full of Lego's perfect,just don't try to dust it :)..... Will look out for you on Sunday if I get a chance to pop to the market xxxxx

    1. Hi Jane, missed you!
      Hope I see you on Sunday, we can discuss our room hiring options. I think not. X

  4. Aw, poor Mr Betty - hope there are no "accidents"! Love the wool colours - fab!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

    1. Mr Betty will be fine it's the buttons we should all be worrying about ;)
      I was very lucky getting my hands on that wool, perfect for granny squares. X

  5. Oooh - that room! What a beauty!

    It was so lovely to meet up for coffee the other day. I really enjoyed it.

    I love printers trays....I found two in one weekend recently, in Shropshire, both fairly cheap, and am using them both to display sewing bobbins - one in my cellar den and one in my lounge. If I spot another one over the weekend in my travels round the brilliant charity and vintage shops of Edinburgh I'll snap it up - even if you find one in the meantime, I'll never have a problem finding a use for another printers tray...

    Will look forward to popping by your lovely stall on Sunday - I love coming to Magpies as a customer.

    Vanessa x

    1. You would absolutely love that room Vanessa.
      Other Oooh Betty and I have been discussing that room today and we are thinking of collaborating on a project that will involve dress/skirt making with a customising course. I am going to contact the lady about costings etc.
      How cool would that be.
      I really enjoyed our meet up and I am sure we will be planning another one very soon. X