Friday, 13 April 2012

Rings and Things.

I have had a most lovely afternoon. I have been making, as planned, a load of rings for my stall on Sunday.
I like to have a nice combination of Vintage homewares and some of my crafty bits.
As you know, I received my ring making equipment and some epoxy glue. As you also know I had a considerable button collection awaiting a purpose.
What an enjoyable hobby! I can see why so many people love making jewellery. It is just lovely.
Not only are there instant results but you also get a bit of a high from the glue....brilliant.

On a serious note, the glue was a bit of a challenge. On investigation using online advice I was told by Yahoo that I should use an epoxy glue combination. The idea is that you mix 2 glues together and you get a really super duper glue. This was bob on but you do have to work at a really fast pace.

Here are the rings I have made so far.

Here is my wrinkly dry hand doing some modelling.

What do you think?
Not too sure on pricing yet. I want to be realistic as I have used thrifted fabrics, buttons etc.
I have only invested the cost of the glue (free high included) and the ring backs.
I advise anyone to give this a go, it is tres fun.

A few ring making 'Top Tips' from the Oooh Betty jewellery factory.
I used self cover buttons to make the vintage fabric rings. I used jewellery pliers to remove the metal hoops from the back so the ring could be stuck on flush. I painted the fabric in Mod Podge so it is protected from dirt and smooth to touch.
I enlisted Mr Betty to sand down the backs of the plastic buttons so the ring could be attached flush. Just to reassure you all, Mr Betty has no finger injuries. He did nearly lose an eye though when one flicked out of his pliers (or so he tells me).
I played with the buttons (it's not normal but it feels real good) to make sure the combinations sat well together and would have the right surfaces to be easily glued.
Just go for it!!
I am feeling inspired today. You never know, I may be back blogging tomorrow with even more makies or I may just eat loads tonight and lie on the sofa like a sloth.
This evening I will mostly be eating feta and avocado salad, drinking tea and watching Corrie.
Thanks for reading. X


  1. I went through a serious phase of making these - I ended up covered in glue burns but I did have rings on each finger! And I used the Mr for sandpapering duties - great minds...

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