Saturday, 14 April 2012

My FIL has the perfect job!

What would you say is the perfect job for ones Father-in-law?
I will tell you!
The driver of a paper recycling truck.
Because every week I get a delivery of these.....for free

Vert handy dandy indeed.
My FIL has gone as far as to ask certain ladies in the Northwich area to save particular magazines and to put them in a dry place. How good is that.
Every week I get a selection that includes 'Living ETC', 'ELLE Decor' and many more of what I consider to be the best of the best. Today I even got a craft mag called 'making'.

The only set back to me receiving this bounty today is that it has quite considerably slowed down my fair preparations. I have made an executive decision and the decision is this. I will get up extra early tomorrow and be super duper productive all the way upto setting off time (10ish).

Today I have made these.

Let's just hope that my customers only purchase smallish things!

I made my first boy kitty.

I actually made this as a prototype to see how it went. My friend Rachell wants 2 oriental boy kitties, Maurice and Pierre, so I followed a pic of Maurice and this is what I came up with.
I think she likes him so I am going to make a chocolate one (Pierre) and another of these but with a chocolate face and ears (Maurice). This one is called Lucky!

Littlest has made a start on the Printers tray.

Unfortunately it is still in my living room and not yet attached to his wall. I'm sure he won't mind doing it all again once it is placed in it's forever home.

I am going to chill out with a bit of crochet this afternoon and many cups of tea no doubt.

Tonight I will mostly be eating out, chatting with our bestest friends and drinking J20 (clear head for my early start).
Tomorrow I will be back with fair pics and report.
Thanks for reading and thanks for the amazing feedback I got on my post about the loss of my dad. I think that sadly my story is more common than I thought. X


  1. awww I love the little lego people, I hoovered them up for years...fond memories!! and cat is his jeans, good luck tomorrow, am hoping no rain for car booting. 2 charity sales this morning yey .... happy weekend
    Sophie x

    1. Did you get loads of stuff this morn (stupid question).
      Can't wait for your next blog!
      I am actually considering getting up and car booting before I go and man my stall. Am I being ambitious?
      Happy Weekend to you too Sophie. X

  2. The cat's are beautiful, I am so pleased with the ones you have done for me,me thinks your on to a winner there :0)

    Rachell x

  3. Lovely kitties, but I couldn't have given that printers tray up!. Julie xxx