Sunday, 15 April 2012

Magpies & I Vintage Market.

I am so tired. I had a bit of a late night last night, I didn't quite manage my dawn start. It was one of those alarm delay situations, delayed more than once I must admit.
I had plenty of time as it happened. I sipped tea whilst doing some last minute prep.
I arrived at the market hall in Altrincham with half an hour to lay out my stall....plenty of time.
Most people were already there but I am always fashionably late!

Here are a few pics of my stall in it's fully stocked, pre purchases grandeur.

I have to say that although many stall holders reported today to be a quiet one I had a stormer of a day.
Possibly one of my best, truth be told.
I had visits from some of my fave peeps, you know who you are!
I made plans to meet the lovely Jane of Tea Wagon Tales for a coffee, cannot wait.

My stall was next to a couple that have a jewellery business that I chatted to in depth at last months fair. They are so nice and it was great having someone to chat with (I was on my own you see).

All in all a very good day and I could say more but I am too tired.
I will be back tomorrow no doubt with some waffle about nowt too important.

Tonight I will mostly be eating Morrocan chicken flatbreads (made by Mr Betty), drinking tea and making some more kitties.
Thanks for reading. X

Location:Altrincham Market Hall


  1. What a pretty filled stall it is!...uh...was.
    Good to hear you did well on the market.
    Meeting Jane? how lovely, can i come too? ;-)

    have a quiet evening, take care x

    1. Thanking you kindly.
      A bit of success and good feedback give you the will to carry on!
      Re coffee you really need to ask! X

  2. Glad it went well for you!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. It looks really great...sooo tempting. I have a wlittle weathervane like that, where the man and lady pop out! x

  4. ahh I told you your stall looked fab, apart from when that woman with the yappy dog kept getting in the way of the customers again...who?? me??? x x see you soon x x and yes! get dear Maartje to hop over too what fun we'll have :)