Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Snapshots of Littlest sons room.

I thought I would give you a mini tour of Littlests bedroom whilst it looks half decent.
Littlest is very keen for me to do this, so much so he actually helped me tidy up and spent quite some time placing his minifigs in his newly acquired letterpress drawer.

I think he will busy tonight as there are still quite a few compartments to be filled.
The retro leather poof was purchased from Oxfam in Manchester for £3. I had to carry it home on the train during rush hour. There were lots of tuts to be heard amongst the passengers.

Thrifted vintage desk made by Triang. I will be so sad when he grows too big for this!
The bookcase is a bulb box that has been tipped upright, I got this from Freecycle. Very handy dandy.

Vintage style map wallpaper and Pirate bunting made by me. He has an old Paddington Metamec wall clock (I love Paddington). This was a car boot purchase.
Thrifted tile top table £3. The tiles are vintage cars so perfect for a little boys room.

Thrifted handmade castle. Jumble sale purchase, only £1

ELC wooden farmyard set. I think I like playing with this more than he does.
I hope you like his room, he certainly does.
I will be back later with some thrifted haberdashery bits and some new Oooh Betty kitties I have made over the last couple of days.
Thanks for reading. X

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  1. Helloooooo! I have nominated you for a sunshine blogger award on my blog!! Thank you for bringing some sunshine to me on your blog!! Caroline xx

  2. Hi,
    What lovely finds...... loving the picture of you carrying the pouffe home through city rush hour!! x

  3. Haha, I actually have a few minifigures of my own on my printers' tray in my room. It's supposed to hold my earrings but the lego is creeping in too. I am on the look out for another two for the boys as their collections have outgrown their display shelves (actually something my gran always referred to as a 'gaybox' but that sounds too weird these days!)

    Please tell me there is a massive pile of less vintage looking and photoworthy toys somewhere just out of shot?

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    1. Of course there is. 12+ boxes of un vintage toys stashed on the top ogpf the wardrobe, 10 in the wardrobe and a playroom full! Notice that I never blog pics of the dreaded playroom.
      X x x