Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Today I have mostly been doing this......

Rain rain go away.

I have stayed indoors today, other than a trip to the tip.

I have been pottering about doing and making nice things in my 'house at the end of the runway'.
I made a kitty.

I like his face and his green eyes. I got the green buttons from the thrift shop yesterday. He is called Bo.
I also thrifted this little lot of haberdashery essentials.

Hoop, handles,buttons,threads (kitty colours) and some 'in yer face' 70s fabric.

I put my new pillowcases on my pillows.

I rearranged and dusted my little red cabinet (can't do one task without doing the other).

I let the kitties out and was amused by how miserable they managed to look whilst sheltering from the rain (they still wouldn't come in).

I wrapped vintage bed sheet strips round a thrifted spot lamp. I was particularly bored at this point. This actually proved to be more boring than actually not doing it hence only half done.

Obviously there were many more important tasks that I could and should have been undertaking. I was just not in the mood for serious chores.

my bedroom door courtesy of Eldest son
pretty much bob on!

Tonight I will mostly be eating tomato,lentil and red pepper soup with tiger bread, drinking tea and watching the best night of TV.
Thanks for reading. X
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  1. Where did you get the gorgeous number from? we also live at number 6 and Id love to have one of them on our door,especially as the landlord wont let us paint it postbox red or pastel blue! boooooo xx

  2. Thrifted haberdashery (I love that word!) looks interesting! I never find anything like that here unfortunately.

    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger