Thursday, 19 April 2012

Thrifty Thursday (it's actually on a Thursday too).

What an achievement! Thrifty Thursday, on a Thursday.
I am very proud to be part of it.
The rain is still here :( Mr Betty is still here :( ......only kidding.

I will get on to the Thrifting in a mo. Firstly I must tell you some exciting news.
Tomorrow I will be visited by a photographer who will be taking pictures of my 'house at the end of the runway'. The pictures and the interview (which I have yet to do) will be featured here , I will let you know exactly when. I have been given this great opportunity via Old Fashioned Susie who is a totally ace person.
I am leaving all preparations until tomorrow morning as I dust work best under pressure. Also I have been out all day so needs must.

I have made a major purchase prior to this tres important visit. It was an absolute must. I could not have accepted such important visitors into my home without this new addition.
The old one was literally rotting away.
Yes, you know it, I have invested in a new loo seat.
The old one has been mistreated to the point of appearing to disattach itself from the loo and start a brave attempt to escape from the bathroom.
I don't have the heart to tell it that it will not be welcome in the outside world. It would be reported to health and safety and then the army would have to be called in with some sort of incendiary device. I will dispose of it in a kind and dignified fashion.
Anyway, what am I going on about? On to my important thrifty treasure. (don't get too excited, there is a treasure drought which is more serious than the water situation in this neck of the woods).

Yes sir! Yet another Vintage Polaroid camera. I just luv em.

Rather handy dandy spoon rest in the shape of an owl with a tacky poem to boot.
This will be used for teabags (thousands of them) and teaspoons between cups of tea.

An orange, melamine flour shaker by St Michael no less. I actually don't have a flour shaker, I always sell them. I may keep this one.

Quite possibly one of the best cup and saucer combos ever. It is Wedgewood and I am in love with it. Other Oooh Betty has one too.

A vintage Avon perfume bottle. Orange (of course) with a rather nice folky design. This has gone straight in my red cabinet.
I got a little table too. It needs renovation so I will blog about that at a later date.

Not the best selection I have shared in my blog life but it will do.
Tonight I will mostly be eating chilli chicken with stuffed butternut squash, drinking tea and making a little curtain to hide stuff behind (not the old loo seat, rest assured).
Thanks for reading. X

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  1. I love the flour shaker and the perfume bottle.Ah what a great idea with the curtain to hide stuff behind,you read my mind.I want to do one to hide the laundry baskets xx

    1. Hiding stuff behind curtains is a way of life at my 'house at the end of the runway'
      The no6 on my front door was made by me and if you give me a few days I will make a matching one for you. How nice will it be if you have one on your door and it has a twinnie over on my door.
      Will let you know when it is ready for despatch. X

  2. My Mum had the exact same tacky owl on our dresser in the kitchen when I was little! and Oh My Goodness you are to be interveiwed and photographed at the end of your runway...that is SOOOOOOO exciting...let us know how it goes,,, happy weekend x

    1. Tacky? tacky? That owl is the height of sophistication Sophie. It is especially fancy pants when piled with 20+ old teabags and a multitude of teaspoons.
      I am sooo giddy kipper for tomorrow. X

  3. Lovely treasures, we had one of those owls too! Isn't it funny how you forget all about things until they reappear in Blogland! xx

    1. Too true. I love looking through Flickr pics for nostalgia. Only problem is that I fall in love with the things I see and then have to find and buy.

  4. I bet the loo seat wore out because of all the anti-bac wipe action it saw!

    Your treasures look fab as always, hope you have fun tomorrow xx

    1. I hold my hands up Beth (with marigolds on of course). I have bleached the loo seat to within an inch of it's life.
      I am sooo excited for tomorrow I might not sleep. X