Friday, 20 April 2012

Things that are making me smile today.

What a day!
I was up bright and early with the aid of a strong coffee. Well it was actually about 8ish and I had to have 2 strong coffees.
As I told you yesterday, I was awaiting some rather important visitors. Mr Betty installed the new loo seat and I dusted and vacuumed in a glamourous fashion. I now realise how good it is to be a highly efficient person as I am.
Tom and Susie arrived as promised at 1 o'clock. We also had a German visitor by the name of Boris who was collecting a Land Rover from Mr Betty.
Boris came with gifts of chocs, coffee and sweets for littlest. What a thoroughly nice chap!

Boris, you are welcome at our 'house at the end of the runway' anytime.

Tom and Susie were fabby. It was honestly like having old friends round. I must point out that they are not actually old, they are both very young truth be told. I didn't let this ruin things, me being middle aged and all that.
Toms views on photography were refreshing and I was most excited about his top notch vintage Polaroid camera. It has been added to my ever growing wish list. Tom, send me a pic of the aforementioned kit please!
Tom was mostly left to his own devices whilst Susie and moi had a good chat. You know what us like minded ladies are like when we get together.
I am not yet sure when the pics will be published but I will be sure to let you know as soon as. I am so excited to see what Tom has snapped. What pics did he think summed up the 'Betty family'? Will he see things that make our house ,our home, that we don't see? The anticipation will make for sleepless nights but I just know it will all be worth it. Big thanks to both of you for a great experience and opportunity. X

I will now share some highly unprofessional pics of my own with you.

A thrifted bird. Mr Betty has informed me that it is a pheasant. Isnt it pretty. She is called Phyllis.

Look at my kitties using their suitcase bed. They seem to really like it. Sometimes they are in look out position and sometimes........

.........they are in the mood for a bit of privacy. I imagine that they are whispering complaints to each other about the poor treatment they are receiving. Maybe the lack of cat milk or the unbranded food I had the nerve to serve to them last week.

My last smile maker pic is just about as good as it gets (to me anyway).

Let me just tell you why I have welcomed Trevor (Trevor the Terrier) into my home.
I am actually a cat person, if you don't already know. It's not that I dislike dogs. I am a bit scared of them but I am just not used to them as I was bought up with cats (not literally, I had a human mum and dad) but cats are what I know. Since I started blogging and I met Sophie I have been in love with her terrier,he features in her blog. He is not for sale. Also I saw a furry doggy on wheels at the Altrincham fair last week, I wanted to buy him but he was not for sale either.
When I saw Trevor on EBay I just knew he would be mine. I rarely bid on eBay as I forget when things are finishing. I only do the 'buy it now' thing but I wanted Trev so bad that I sat hunched over my iPad just waiting to bid. As you can see I won the bid and he was mine for £7.00. Can you believe that?
He is solid wood, he is big, really big. His wheels squeak and his paint is flaky and I am completely in love with him.

Tonight I will mostly be eating chilli chicken with green bean salad, drinking tea and catching up on all my fave blogs.
Thanks for reading. X

- Posted using IPad and half my brain.


  1. Oh Good grief, Trevor is fanbloodytastic. And for 7 quid too. Wow, that is truly amazing.

    I'm liking the sound of Boris, I must admit.

    Btw, did you use a special app for posting with your iPad? I tried looking at a draft post on mine yesterday and had terrible trouble. Couldn't see it at all. V annoying.

    Enjoy your chilli chicken - sounds yummy. xx

    1. Hi Loo, I use the 'Blogpress' app. It is basic but quick and easy.
      iPad is only as good as the apps it provides unfortunately for example, I have to use the home PC for my Folksy shop.
      I am glad you like Trevor, I can't stop lookin at him. Hope I am not freaking him out!
      Enjoy your weekend. X

  2. Well you already know my thoughts on Trevor...I think he is Smashing!
    Can't wait to see the pics from the photo shoot, very exciting, hope your new loo seat lives up to expectations, and Boris does sound like a nice chap :-)
    have a lovely weekend xx

  3. Wow what a fantangtastic Trevor, true terrier, but hopefully much better behaved than ours! Love Phyllis, I have a parrot called Percy, although he he blue and pink. Love Julie xxx

  4. Love your blog ... you're sooo funny! Trevor is fabulous, can't believe he was only £7 ... top bargain! xxx

    1. Hi, funny?? Mad more like!
      I am glad you like my blog, I absolutely need to blog this eve.
      I am still getting over what a bargain my Trev was, I am going to crochet him a scarf.
      X x x