Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Thrifty Thursday (on a Wednesday as busy tomorrow).

I have been absent from the blog world for what feels like weeks. I have just checked and it is actually only 5 days.
Truth be told, I have been feeling a tad blue. The reason for this low point is that I have developed yet another symptom of my Graves disease and this one is particularly upsetting. You will understand why when I explain.
I have started suffering with Carpal Tunnel syndrome which basically causes pain down my arms and makes my fingers all stiff and weak. As a lover of stitching and crochet this is just pants but because I am a stubborn person I have been doing loads of crochet and just getting on with it.

Anyway, I am now feeling more positive and I am not going to dwell on such miserable events so there!!

I have had a very thrifty day today (always good for the soul). I was going to blog on the official thrifting day but I am possibly too busy tomorrow and also I was very excited to blog as I have missed my blog and my blog friends even more.

What do I start with? (sound of my mind ticking or more realistically, grinding).

I got these lovely Sanderson fabric samples from a table top sale. I paid £5 for the lot which is quite a lot of cash for me but they are in great condition and very large pieces.

I am going to use some for cushions and I have in my mind that they will be very fancy pants cushions with 'in yer face' brightly coloured bobble trim. They will then appear on my Magpies&I stall. I may use a piece to cover this bobby dazzler too.

This sewing stool has me in a bit of a quandary to be quite frank. It is pretty cool as it is but could it be even better? Opinions please.

I also got all of this stuff on a trip out with 'other ooohbetty' today.

The first pic is a Holkham Pottery 'Owl' jug. I have had the mugs before but never a jug. I think it is quite a rarity.
Pic 2 is a rather lovely candle holder and some cute little floral bowls that 'other ooohbetty' thought were ideal for dips.
The 3rd picture is a Hornsea muramic pin dish but it is larger than I have seen them before. I like this a lot. It is therefore a keeper.
Pic 4 is a set of 6 Arcopal milk glass cake plates. Not my normal cup of tea but I just fell for the yellow Rose design, so pretty and springy.
Think pic 5 is pretty self explanatory. It is a rather nice one though. It has a really cool handle.

I got a bit of haberdashery too. Some funky mustard fabric.

And a large selection of vintage buttons. Not the best selection in the world but all very handy dandy.

I also got these Arthur Wood jars.
I am always buying Artur Wood stuff. I am verging on being an Arthur Wood groupie!

They always look good though don't they? Just simple and cool.
I have the flour jar, the flour shaker and the cheese dish already. 'other ooohbetty' has the sugar jar, she keeps dummies in it! Don't ask what she keeps in her biscuit barrel!!

I got this for Mr Betty for his pension fund.

It is a vintage savings box with 2 keys. I think littlest has his eye on it though.

I just had to buy this vintage postcard. I just love it. It is going on my wall.
Lastly and possibly most importantly I got this little fella.

I cannot tell you how chuffed I am with this.
I know he is not one of the bestest Danish monkeys but to me he is just perfect.
I have wanted a hanging monkey for donks and I have always known that I would be unable to afford one off say, eBay for example. I spotted him and I just knew he was going to be hanging on my fire place within the hour and here he is.
There is nowt better for sorting out ones frazzled head than thrifting an item one has only dreamed of owning.
It has got me to thinking that I am due another wish list. Whenever I blog my wish lists I seem to find something great. Sometimes I don't even realise it was on my wish list but that is irrelevant.
I will have produced a wish list before the week is through and I am going to blog another room whilst I have a reasonably tidy house. actually, forget the house bit, I have just looked up and things have gone downhill whilst I have been computering.
I hope you are all being looked over by the god of thrifting (Thrifticus).

Tonight I will mostly be sitting in the car whilst my son runs around a boggy field, eating chicken and salad, drinking tea, watching the best nights tv and doing crochet till my fingers burn.
Thanks for reading. X

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  1. I love all the pretty fabric! I want your flask to add to my collection, too! XO.

  2. The god of thrift- Thrifticus is clearly looking after you with those finds!
    I love the way you write btw- its like you are actually talking to me!
    Hope you feel a bit better soon x

    1. Susie, that has to be the bestest compliment ever.
      Make sure you let me know all about the Altrincham thingy. X

  3. Hope your soon feeling a little better, you might have been away from Blogland but you have certainly made up for it in thrifting, lots of interesting things you have found too, love your idea for the cushions, funky bobble trim would be great. Julie xxx

    1. I feel I have been very lucky with my thrifting today and it has certainly cheered me up.
      I am glad you like my cushion idea. I will definitely make them now I have Aunt Janes approval.
      Cheers Julie.
      Emma. X

  4. Hey Emma. I really feel for you with the CTS issues. My shoulder has been giving me all kinds of grief just lately. If you would like to message me your address, I would like to send you one of my crochet hooks to try out ( for free!). I know it sounds an odd thing to do, but I would really like someone to road test them for me who actually has a condition that they may help with. If you like it, then you could always review it for me!
    Kind thoughs
    Sarah (emilylovesbagpuss)

    1. Hi Sarah, thanks for your support and I am sorry to hear that you are having trouble with your shoulder. It is so awful.
      I would be over the moon to try one of your crochet hooks and I would absolutely do a blog and review on it. If it helps people carry on doing something that they love then it has to be good!
      I will send you my address in an email later on (just off out now).
      This message has really cheered me up so thanks for that too.
      Emma. Xx

  5. Hello, hope you are feeling a bit more had a good day with your finds...I ran in a few charity shops today and found nowt! So had to buy cakes instead :) xxxxxxx

  6. Ps yes to bobble trim...always x

  7. Love the fabric - great find!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  8. Poor you, I hope your CTS issues ease.

    What an amazing haul. I think the sewing stool would look great covered with the flowery fabric. Definitely. I'm a fan of Arthur Woods too. I've got the sugar jar but with the red text.

  9. Thats rotten, poor you, hope your feeling better today. xx
    the sewing box is so cool I think it would look good covered with the grey fabric....
    I do the wish list thingy, it's so weird that quite often you do find what you were thinking of....spooky. love all your finds and your new header is is my new favourite word,,,,just smashing :-) xx