Friday, 27 April 2012

Mrs Teawagon drinks coffee and a crafty birthday package.

Hello all.
I have a had a totally fabby day today. It started off with the purchase of new under-wear and ballet pumps and it is going to end with Victoria sandwich cake & tea.
Before I tell you about my bestest bits I just need your opinion on something.
How do you feel about receiving handmade gifts and when I say 'handmade' I mean by the giver of the prezzie.
The reason I am asking is this, I am about to give my very good friend Laura a complete package of goodies made by me and it is the first time I have ever done that.
I do sometimes give a handmade item as a little extra but this time it is the whole caboodle so to speak.
Let me show you what the goodies are and then you can get a better idea.

Brief description; crochet granny square bunting, fabric button ring, Oooh Betty kitty, vintage button paper jumbo paper clips and a Knitting Nancy (not handmade but shut it).

I am trying to be extremely thrifty and this has to be part of my new regime.
Would you be happy with this little lot?
Would you give your handmade goodies as presents? (Sophie it is my birthday in Feb and I would be more than happy with a 'Fading Grace' bag) ;)
Can I have all you crafty peeps thoughts on this please.

Also, I am happy to report that the kitties are recovering well from their ops. We do not want any furry babies if you know what I mean.

They are helping each other with the recovery process by having loads of cuddles. So sweet.
Just need to get Mr Betty sorted now.....only kidding.

Another thing that has made me very happy is the offer of a special crochet hook courtesy of sarah of Emily Loves Bagpuss. This is such a kind gesture and I felt a bit choked up about it. Blogging rocks!
I am now looking forward to when it arrives and I can crochet in comfort. Sarah has probs with her shoulder and the hook works for her and she thinks it may help with my achey arm thing.

I must now tell you about my most super event of the day.

Today I met up with the most fabby Mrs Teawagon. We have met before of course. We met at Vintage Village and Magpies & I but this was a proper date. We met in a cool bar called Folk that is in West Didsbury. We had coffee and paninis.
It was so nice. We really needed a full day to be honest as we had so much to talk about.
It is so great when you meet a like minded soul and particularly when you have loads of things in common and we had all of that. Just great it was, just great.

Tonight I will mostly be eating a massive slab of the aforementioned Victoria sandwich cake, drinking tea and putting together wish list number 4, or is it 5? Can't quite remember.
Thanks for reading folks. X

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  1. Love your 'tonight I will be mostly' comments ... Bring back The Fast Show! Home made gifts are fab, they are unique and made with love, not mass produced and your package of goodies is lovely. Enjoy your weekend, Claire xxx

  2. Hey Hey...the hook will be winging its way today! Hope it helps!