Saturday, 28 April 2012

Wish list número 4

I am a needy type I am.
I always need things. One could argue that these things are wants rather than needs but I beg to differ.
I will probably never have these things because they are a bit pricey and as you all know by now I am of a thrifty nature.

I love polaroid cameras I do. They are just such an Iconic design.
The last one I bought I decided to gift to the photographer Tom W. He visited my home to take pics for Vintage Manchester and was so passionate about real Polaroid pics that I felt the camera would be happier in his capable hands.
The one pictured above is the one I really want. It is my fave design of all.
I will find one of these on my thrifting journey I just know it.

I have gone a bit potty over animals on wheels since Trevor came into my life.
After much investigational research (not that much) I have decided that I absolutely must have an Elephant to keep Trevor company. I feel that in a Toy Story stylie they can wheelie about together when no humans are around. Wouldn't that be nice.

I really feel that I am ready for another piece of Ercol furniture. Ideally I would like the little bookcase/side table. These cost approximately a million pounds so it could take a while on the savings front.
How handy dandy is it though. I think this could justify being a 'need' rather than a want. Food, shelter, love and an Ercol side table/bookcase thingy.

I am just loving Vintage Sanderson at the mo. Well, truth be told this affair has been going on for some time. The next on my list is the poppies design. Any colour will do!
I think I would just look at it for a few months and then maybe it would become a cushion.

Retro Staffordshire children's mugs. Have I bored you with these before?
Tough! I am going to bore you some more.
I have 2 so it is far from being a collection. These sell for quite a bit on EBay etc so these will have to be gradually discovered on my travels. I think they are so ace.
I would like at least 6 and then my life will be complete.

Lastly and most expensively I have a major artist crush.
I have had this crush for a while now and the love is getting stronger.
Her name is Sanna Annukka (it is a lesbian crush). Her work is just amazing and the prices are more than justified. If I could choose one piece then it would have to be these.

I have been wishing for these for a couple of years now and I really should save up for one.
They are so beautiful and I think I would enjoy them forever (them she says, as if I will own a few).
All her work is fabby and I would happily own it all but here are a few of her other items that I have in my dreams.

Pop over to her shop Here to see more. I have linked straight to the birds as They are the bestest, to me anyway.
Tonight I will mostly be eating an M&S fuller for longer meal in the vain hope I don't have to eat cake afterwards, drinking tea and dreaming of Ercol furniture.
Thanks for reading. X

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  1. We had those children's mugs! There wer four of us and I'm sure we had those four ... Mine was the koala and if I'm not mistaken, they came with an easter egg in them. Well I never! Have a lovely weekend xxxx

    1. What a lovely bit of info on the mugs. I can just imagine them holding shiney little Easter eggs.
      If you find any let me know. X

  2. Oh No you've caught the things on wheels bug!!!! I have many a critter on wheels, they are smashing!!! :-) xx

    1. Hi there Sophie!
      Yes, I have caught the wheelie bug. I hold you fully responsible and I am going to tell Mr Betty it is all your fault.
      Have any of your real life critters washed away in this awful weather? We are ankle deep here,
      X x x

  3. Lovely wish list mrs Betty, need to go check out that shop ,had a fabby time on Friday too and looking forward to next time xxxxxx

    1. We are going on a thrifty adventure on our next date. It will be triffic.
      I will be announcing our stall collaboration to the blog world in the next few days and then there will be no going back!!
      X x x

  4. Now I *need* the owl & tortoise mugs. If I see any of the other things on my adventures I shall snap them up forthwith (but sorry I would keep the bookcase as it is an air/water/food type need!)

    1. Glad you are with me on the bookcase, table thingy. If you find one at least let me come round and put my cup on it (preferably a little tortoise cup). X

  5. Ooh, I have wanted a penguin donkey for quite some time too. I am running out of floor space in my lounge though and have no funds to buy one! I have been reliably informed by my Mum that a local charity shop has a lobster pot stool for sale for £10 so I will be dashing over tomorrow, ever hopeful that it is still there. Wish me luck! BTW, love those mugs too, especially the tortoise one. x

    1. Oh my goodness. You 'need' to get the lobster pot stool. If you get it for £10 that is such a bargain.
      Good luck and let us know how you get on. X