Monday, 30 April 2012

A very happy day :)

Let me tell you a little story.
I have always loved Paddington Bear, really loved him.
I love all the books even to this day. I enjoyed the TV programme when I was a Little Betty.
When I got a bit older I bought myself a Gabrielle Aunt Lucy Bear and a Gabrielle Paddington Bear. They were both bare bears, they were both missing their outfits.....completely.
I bought them cheaply and then over time I gradually bought all their clothes, tags and hats etc.
I wish I could show you a picture.

Not long ago, a short time after we had moved into our 'house at the end of the runway' the Betty family fell on very hard times. Mr Betty had no work, my work was slow and we were really struggling.
It got to the point where we had to start selling things. We sold our tumble dryer. We sold bits of our furniture and because I knew that I didn't 'need' my beloved bears I sold them too.
I remember putting them both into a box and handing them over to the courier and feeling absolutely devastated. I know this sounds dramatic but that is how I felt.

I have never replaced them as they are so expensive.
Today, on the way home from enjoying an early morning coffee with Mr Betty (times are better) I shrieked at him to pullover. I think he thought I had just spotted David Beckham wandering through Heald Green!!
Forget DB, I had spotted a PB. I would have spotted him a mile off.

He is missing his hat. I don't care. I am so utterly happy to have a bear in my life again.
I am going to make him a new felt hat tonight and I will be staring at him for some days to come.

Yesterday I was crochet mad!

The weather was pants so it was an indoor day and what better way to spend it than knee deep in yarn and hook in hand.
Lots of tea was made and I have to admit that a bit of cake was consumed on more than one occasion. Mr Betty and Moi both commented on how lovely it is to be marooned indoors due to poor weather. It really is good to relax and do nothing of any importance sometimes.

I should really be saving these bad boys til Thrifty Thursday but I think it is just too long to wait. You know what a show off I am.
I do believe that I have stumbled upon the 2 bestest Pot Towels ever.

What do you think?
I just love them. I am very much considering a giveaway within the next few days. I am very much considering that one of these bobby dazzlers could be included......

This evening I will mostly be seeing my friend for dinner (she has just turned 30). Ignoring the Derby that both my sons will be at as I cannot cope with the stress. Drinking tea and bundling fabric.
I have a very exciting announcement to make prior to the Magpies&I Market.
Watch this space and thanks for reading. X

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  1. Oh Betty - so glad you found another Paddington Bear. What a lovely story!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

    1. Thanks Liz,
      I can assure you that he will be well loved for many years to come. X

  2. Yes indeed a lovely story!! Brings back lots of memories,am soo glad he is yours to love! Hope the sun shinning on your monday...xx

    1. Thank you Maria
      I am glad you liked my story but I have to sadly inform you that the sun has been amiss round my neck of the woods for quite some time.
      I hope you are having more weather luck in your corner of the world. Xx

  3. Love your tale of Paddington and glad that a new Paddington has found a lovely new home. We are Derby divided in this house, so one is happy this morning and the other not so happy! Julie xxx

    1. Hi there, I know exactly what you are going through regarding the derby divide, it can be very tricky.
      I always know that if City win I will not see my youngest brother for at least a week.
      X x x

  4. is it wrong to say I love paddington without his hat?? he looks cute and a bit quirky :) as for the derby I made the most of it and...went to tescos!! have a very happy week dear Emma :) x x x

    1. Hello Jane,
      It certainly is not wrong for you to think Paddington looks quirky whilst hatless. It not only saves me a job and a large piece of felt but I have passed on your 'quirky' thoughts and he has told me to tell you that 'quirky' is the look he has always strived for. He is one happy bear!
      X x x

  5. Hi Emma,
    I know, we share so many friends (real and virtual!)
    Now, I have that very same Paddington Bear...and can report that he never had a hat! He came hatless, some time in the 70's (we have 2 the same - otherwise I might have suspected mine was a cheapo because he had lost his hat...but hat on either bear!)
    Funnily enough we have joked in the past about being able to sell him if we ever come across hard times! It's not exactly a decent insurance policy is it!!
    Anyway - off for a proper look around your blog...3 boys you say????
    fee x

  6. Lovely story, glad you've got a new one ... my little sister had one too, and when she moved house someone threw a black bin bag of rubbish out, and yes, you've guessed it, it contained all her childhood toys. She's never got over it ... Love, Claire xxx