Monday, 21 May 2012

A Giveaway that will 'Cheer me Up'

Hello again!

Today I am a little gloomy, only a little I might add so do not be worrying oneself.
Is there any better time to be holding a giveaway? I think not, it is a sure fire way to make ones heart smile.

Things have improved since this mornings moaning blog post. Mr Betty has saved the day and done the only thing he knows is guaranteed to put a smile back on my face....Oi! Not 'that' you dirty lot, no, no, he took me to a haberdashery store.
I am now fully stocked with kitty making supplies (felt and threads) and I have big plans.

A good bit of my bad yesterday was when I hopped over to my favourite stall Kitsch Republic and I was able to purchase much needed kitty eye buttons, kitty skirt fabric and some pretty vintage postcard re-prints.

I didn't venture much further round the Market due to earlier in the day and what we will now, only refer to as, 'the hoo haa'.
I did make a purchase from the other end of my stall, the Teawagon department shall we say.

I cannot resist Little Teawagon vintage wallpaper and I have big plans in mind for this little lot.
Fingers crossed I will make up for the lack of purchases I made yesterday and find some treasures to bring home during this coming week.

Anyhows, let's move swiftly on to the giveaway that I am hoping will make me feel more cheery.

I do like to stick to a theme when it comes to my giveaways and I always like to include a vintage Ladybird book....or two

I thought these were nice little bookie wookies for the spring/summer time.
Ladybird books rock and I love my copy of the British Birds and their nests....ahhhh

I also promised a kitty.

This kitty is for demonstration purposes only as I would like the winner to chose a kitty of their choice.
I have added a little vintage fabric bundle in case kitty should require a new dress, a pin cushion that may also be used as a kitty cushion and some vintage knitting needles in an 'out and about' carry pouch of handiness (any size knitting needles can be added).
The knitting needles will come in handy if kitty should leave her scarf on the bus and require a replacement.

To enter my giveaway is very simply simpleton, much like myself.
If you leave a comment to say hi, tell me about your kitty (names will be helpful), doggie, bunny etc and you are in! If you do not have a pet then cuddly toys and dolls are very much acceptable.
I will draw the winner a week today which will be a Monday but I have no idea what date that is as I am rubbish at stuff like that.

And so folks, this eve I will mostly be making kitties, planning secret plans and eating a Marks Expensive meal (lazy daisy mode).
Thanks for reading. X

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  1. Hello I'm the first of many!! My feline friends names,as listed: Pedro a charismatic Tom.Trinity(named by hubby, as he loves the matrix)Smokey a pretty girl, lovely grey colourish (orphan) And willow, who walked into our lives last summer and never left!!Am a thinking of erecting a sign above our front door with NO ROOM AT THE INN!! Glad you cheered up.... hoping the sun is shining on your Monday!! Mariax

  2. Two feline residents here at Magpie Towers. One is named Edward (after the vampire, my daughter's choice) and the other is Ollie (name came with the cat) although we call him Bob for short.

    They are both tabbies. Edward looks normal but Ollie is a great big fuzz ball who we are forever having to detangle and detatch from whatever rammel he's picked up outside.


  3. I do hope your gloom has lifted and things are looking a lot rosier for you now. Life trudges on!

    And with that cheering thought I'm wishing good luck to the giveaway competitors - I'm absenting myself from this, but I can't resist sharing the one doggie companion I can allow myself, given our currently chaotic, pre-extensive-building-work state:

  4. Two posts in one day?? Im glad you are a bit cheerier after your shopping trip.. I have forgotten all about yesterday now (the advantages of having a goldfish type memory) and Im not trying to enter your giveaway as I think that would look a little suspicious and I already told you about my black cat called Morrissey :) have a lovely evening xxxxxxxxx

  5. We have no cats at the moment, but when we were first married we ended up with 11 - yes 11!! Compo, Daisy, Hysopp, Effie, Ziggy, ah they were all lovely.
    Keep your chin up!

  6. Hey - I can't believe I haven't heard the details of the hoo har yet - need to get in that shed for the run down.
    Now, I don't have a cat or a dog but we do have some chickens (betty and pearl) some ducks (bertie, myrtle, polly and dolly) and a little pig called Minnie. Oh, and a tortoise called Ned who is currently doing a disappearing act in the garden somewhere.

    I also have to add that, should I win, I will undoubtedly cut up those there books..but fear not, I would make something beautiful with them!
    Hope that's Ok!!!
    Missed our cup of introductory tea yesterday...fee x

  7. It's amazing what a bit of Habby shopping will do! I have been admiring my buys from you--the hula hula girls ribbon is super. I am a cat person but I now live on a very busy main road so I have my little miniature schnauzer-Rosie.Veronica.

  8. Hi, what a fabulous giveaway. We have a grumpy rabbit called Dennis and two very squeaky guinea pigs called Squeak and Ginny.

  9. We have a red foot tortoise named Bernard. She is much more responsive than people would give her credit for, and quite cute. I plan to add to my menagerie as Little Sock gets older.

    Our neighbour has 6 cats, so we get lots of kitty cuddles. They are all named after film stars, Robert (bob) Redford is my favourite, but Paul Newman is the leader of their gang. And Greta Garbot? Well true to form.. She prefers to be alone!
    A lovely giveaway :-)

  10. Gosh how I would love one of the kitties....just to make my dogs jealous! of which I have 4...yes, I know, I know....everyone thinks I must be insane (of course I am)they are called Mabel, Lola, Banjo (nickname Bean)& Pip. Two big boys and two little girls. Also the short one has 4 fish (not my idea) called Kathleen, George, Edmund and Elizabeth (..she reads a lot of Enid Blyton). So my house is fairly mad with lots of hair everywhere!

  11. Would love to enter please! Don't have a kitty, but a patterdale pooch called Ruby for short, Roobidoo for long and 4 chickens called Florence, Marilyn, Audrey and Doris. Great giveaway! Have a lovely week, Claire xxx

  12. We (me and my mum) think you're the bee's knees, the cat's whiskers and the dogs...! Our pet is our toy dalmatian called Eco Ethel styled in red-polka dots. We'll send you a pic if we win!xx

  13. Hi Betty,
    I'm so sorry the stall you had didn't go as planned. I've been in that position myself and know its disheartening. I was hoping to visit your stall myself as I love your blog and of course the teawagon tales blog too but I had other commitments on sunday. Maybe another time. Had I made it I would have just pipped your other visitor from Rochdale to the furthest travelled customer place as I am near Hebden Bridge, just a little way past Rochdale. I'd love to be entered into your draw anyway and will hope to pop across another time when you are selling your wares at market :-). All the best

    1. Oh my! I forgot to tell you about Moya! She is our shy and very demanding cat. She's a tortoiseshell cat and was abandoned when she was a kitten. I think she's been trying to make up for it since as she's very demanding of more strokes, MORE STROKES PLEASE! We love her to bits lol.

  14. I Just wanted to say hello i popped over from your friend teawagontales. It was your name that did it. I used to have a very beautiful friend called Betty but she sadly died 4 years ago at the age of 86 she was a wonderful lady. You make some lovely things and i was sad to read you had a bad day at the fair the other day i think everyone experinces these i supported a friend the other week at one and no one did very well it was a bank holiday and they hadn't advertised it very well, so don't lose heart. I love your vintage retro 50's table further down your posts. Enjoy your week, dee x

  15. Ooo betty, the dogs done a whoopsie on.......never mind, I'll stop there! You've heard it all before!
    My little fella is a beautiful labrador cross which we rescued from a dogs home 10 years ago. I couldn't bring myself to look around the kennels (I'm too soft) so the husband brought him out for me to look at. The first thing he did was run over and do a wee on my trainers, then snuggled into my legs shaking(the dog,not the husband) :D
    We nicknamed him weasel because of said accident but his real name is Mr.William.
    He is now very grey and very old and is enjoying his retirement from rabbit chasing at the home for pampered pooches(chez my house)having his every whim and fancy pandered to.
    Its a dogs life but someones gotta do it!
    Carry on crafting chick, things will get better!
    Karen x

  16. Hey Emma
    I have a very crafty kitty called Roger ( as in Roger the lodger!) who likes to sit on all things crafty and has even been known to try and wedge his head in the gap of the sewing machine. Pesky pussycat that he is. He also thinks he is human and likes to talk a LOT ( just like me I suppose)..:)

  17. Sorry you had a bad time but as the saying goes 'onwards and upwards' we all have days like this.Another sorry l can only put forward 'Scooby' our very lazy and l mean lazy - Lurcher. He is good with cats so if we were lucky enough to win one in the giveaway he would look after it, :D

  18. Oooh Betty, I hope I'm not too late to be included in this???
    I haven't been blogging, so I missed this post.
    Our pooch is called Jed, but we didn't name him, the people at the rescue shelter did and I though it would be cruel and confusing to change it. We usually call him Jedster. He is very sweet, but naughty. He has a serious addiction to chocolate - can sniff it out a mile away! (which has involved two very costly trips to the vet!) x