Monday, 21 May 2012

3 reasons to carry on and a 'cheer me up' giveaway

I am not normally a big fan of the 'Keep Calm' stuff but I saw this and it just about summed up yesterday.

Let me explain in not too much detail.
Yesterday was a right royal hoohaa. Mrs Teawagon and Moi had a 'bit of bovver' with our stall (I may be able to talk about it in more depth in a few months time) and we had an atrocious day of sales to boot.
Reassuringly, I think all the stall holders suffered the same but this is little comfort after a tiring day with little to show for. Anyhows, everything happens for a reason and it has forced me to do a bit of soul searching and make some decisions on the direction in which I may go (hopefully out of this pit of doom).
The reason I chose the 'Keep Calm and Kitty On' sign is that the one thing that I sold well was my Oooh Betty Kitties and I am now thinking that I need to focus more on them and less on trying to come up with new ideas.
This brings me neatly to the first of my 3 reasons to 'kitty on' and she goes by the name Ophelia and apparently she is 'The Boss'.
Last night when I finally sat down, IPad on knee, I did my usual whizz through Facebook, Flickr etc. On arriving at Twitter I found a picture of a little girl called Oophey holding one of my little kitties with the happiest little face (Oophey, not the kitty). Just the tonic after a pants day so thank you Ophelia The Boss. X
My 2nd reason to keep calm and carry on is a lady who came all the way from Rochdale to see Jane and I. This lady thinks that it was nothing to come from Rochdale but to me it means more than miles. I would have never known how much this lady likes and reads my blog and she was also a very good customer as she loves to craft.
The visit from our crafty friend put the smile back on my face so thank you lovely lady from Rochdale. X
Reason number 3 is one of my fave customers but I fear I was in the midst of doom yesterday and didn't make her as welcome at my stall as I should have. I appreciate you and I will be thinking of you whilst you battle on with the Crochet practice.
So thank you Sarah P X
I am entering these 3 great peeps into my 'cheer me up' giveaway whether they like it or not.

The giveaway will be posted later today. I am trying to create a bit of a frenzy by doing a build up....(it is not that I have yet to sort out the giveaway items, honest).
All I know at the moment is that it will definitely involve a kitty!
Thank god for blogging :)
See you later. X

- Posted using IPad and half my brain.


  1. Well that has just made my day. You did look a little stressed but I did not feel in any way less than very welcome (as always) at the stall.
    The picture of Ophelia was fantastic, the kitties are great - and yeah you could do loads of different ones!
    Just remember that without people like you (and Mrs Teawagon) the markets would be a very dull place indeed.....and I would have nowhere to buy lovely pieces of vintage fabric.

  2. My Katie kitty has pride of place on my shelf and I can laugh about the hoo haa now. Yes you're right too those lovely people who did pop by made our day :)
    Kitties are the way to go for sure xxxxxx

  3. Your stall looked fab with lots of goodies to tempt people. I am delighted with my lovely fabric, it was good to meet you both. x

  4. I'm sorry you're feeling blue, keep your chin up xx

  5. I'm sorry you didn't have a very good event, sometimes it can be like that, you just have to focus on the positives.

    Having said that, you wouldn't want to come too near me when I've had a bad craft fair ;)

    Your kitties rock. I tried making one of my own a few months back and the cats whiskers they were not so well done for making yours so cute xx

  6. Hello there, I'm glad I cheered you up a little bit.I enjoyed looking round the market and your stall looked very nice. I do craft fairs and have done for 30 years. This time of year is never brilliant but "Times is Hard!!!!"anyway.At least you have decided to stick to your best sellers.Best wishes, Veronica.

  7. Aww Chin Up! every one has days like this....would have loved to have visited your stall mu dear!! From one kitty lover to another...Have a Purfect day!! Maria x

  8. So sorry that it didn't go as well as you hoped. Onwards and upwards...!