Friday, 18 May 2012

A birthday, a lovely gift and a Magpies & I sneaky peek.

This week we have had a birthday in our 'house at the end of the runway' .
Littlest has turned 6. We have had a party, spent hours building Lego and tried to explain that you don't actually get visibly taller on the day of your birthday. I still don't think he quite understands.

It has developed in to a month long celebration as it happens. Many family members have taken him out to celebrate, we took him to the Lego experience, he has had a party and it will all culminate tomorrow as we take a family trip to see the Avengers. I am hoping that will satisfy him for another year.
I have to say, he is such a good little boy that he deserves it all.

I have met up with 2 of my friends today, both by the name of Jane/Jayne.
First thing this morn, after the school runs were out of the way, me and Jayne (other Oooh Betty) had a cheeky coffee and a major catch up. I have had to make it clear that she has not been 'replaced' as my stall partner by other Jane (Mrs Teawagon)......even I am confused by this story now.
Let's move on.
I have mentioned in the past that 'Other Oooh Betty' is always buying me gifts and today was no exception.

I am so chuffed with this red sewing box. It came with little cottons etc. It is now my little box of tricks.
Thank you OOB. X

I then went on to meet Mrs Teawagon at a little place called 'The Tea Hive' in Cholton. We drank Lattes and ate a bit of lunch. We were actually meeting up for highly important business purposes . We had crucial stall and fair planning on our minds. After a couple of hours of chatting and giggling we left each other in the car park with the following planning in place;

1- take a float
2- we will drink lots of coffee
3-we will eat pies

On my return to our 'house at the end of the runway' I have transformed myself in to a highly efficient woman. After feeding the boys, Mr Betty and all the kitties I have organised all my fair stuff.....ish.
As promised what feels like weeks ago, here follows a sneaky look at a few of my Magpies & I

I can assure you that there will be a lot more too. I will blog all the official Magpies & I fair info tomorrow.
I am very excited for this coming Sunday, I hope to see some familiar faces, I am looking forward to chatting and giggling and more than anything I am looking forward to a Thai Pie.....

Tonight, as it is now 10pm, I will mostly be having a cup of tea and going to bed.
Thanks for reading. X

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  1. Those cats are really very cute, and that's not usually my thing. My boys always think there's some tangible difference on a birthday too!

    win a retro sweet hamper in my giveaway

  2. Happy Birthday to your youngest. Glad he has had such a lovely time. What fantastic treasures you are taking to the fair, I especially love the cats, so cute. But oh my goodness that little table is fabulous. How much are you selling it for? Who is it made by? Tell me now!!! xx

    1. The table, let me tell you, I purchased it for £3 some weeks ago knowing that I would use it for display on my stall. It was brown and boring. Only yesterday I purchased a sheet of funky wrapping paper and stuck it to the top of the table using Mod Podge. I then finished it by painting a layer of Mod Podge over the top.
      I cannot tell you how pleased I am that you like it so much. X
      Btw, I am having a giveaway next week that will include a kittie. Watch out for it. Xxx

  3. Happy birthday to your little one! Those little cats are so cool!!

    1. Thanks Linda,
      I will be having a giveaway next week which will include a kittie so look out for it. X

  4. Love the table and looking forward to Thai pies
    See you tommorrow...just to confuse you even more I have friend called Jane too :) xxxxxx