Tuesday, 15 May 2012

My Magpies & I announcement and some other fabby things.

I have been blog absent for a few days, no excuse I'm afraid. I have kinda been busy but with what I am not too sure.

If you are a fellow tweeter you will have seen that I have a rather exciting announcement to make about my stall at Magpies & I this coming Sunday.
Just in case you don't know the fair details the market is held at the indoor Market hall in Altrincham, Cheshire on the 3rd sunday of the month. There is good music, great food and an outstanding selection of vintage goodies and crafty items. I love it!

My exciting fair news is about my new partner for the day (and maybe more than one day). Don't panic peeps, Mr Betty is still my man, this is a crafty partner I talk of.
She is talented, modest and has lovely shiney hair.
Here are some examples of her crafty creations and I am sure by the time you have looked at the pics you will 1, know why I am so giddy and 2, know exactly who I am talking about.

These are what I would consider to be the must have bag. Correct size for all ones essentials, purse, lip balm, yarn & hook and thrifted treasures accumulated on travels. Made from a vintage fabric, funky fabric combo of loveliness. Across body stylie for security purposes, what lady could cope with a bag snatch situation resulting in the loss of a half finished granny blanket I ask you?

Bunting that makes my bunting look like a string of old ladies knik knoks. Made from the best vintage sheets a girl could wish for and believe you me that is exactly the sort of thing that I actually do wish for.

Fabby artwork that you can buy nowhere else (apart from
here ). How cute, makes me want to grow my hair in a bob and clip in a little flowery hair grip......

So, I am sure that by now you all know who I am chirping about, yes, it is none other than Mrs Teawagon of Teawagon Tales. What a coup!
We are holding a very serious and important business meeting where we will discuss nothing other than our businessy stuff on Friday. We will not waste time on coffee and cake. We may even take notes!

I cannot wait for Sunday. I have someone to chat with, someone to 'man the stall' during coffee/wee wee runs and most importantly I have a new fabby friend.

Over the next few days my blogs will mostly be about fair stuff but as always I will add anything of any interest that happens in the life of Oooh Betty.

Talking of intersting things that happen.....

This old chap was freecycled, by moi, yesterday. I could not believe my luck.
I asked the kind freecylce lady if he could be mine and she said 'yes'. I drove to Edgeley in a bit of a frenzy and bought him home to live with Terence. He is a bit shy at present (as you can see) but there are signs of him beginning to mingle. He has been named Cedric.

Another happy, happy thing that happened is this.....

A new doll house.

Thrifted this very same day.

It is most excellent on many levels, well 2 if you wish to be pedantic.
The floors are brill. It is old and worn, the windows are broken but it stil looks the part. It is to be my next project. What do you think?

I am also pleased and relieved to announce that I completed the inside of my sewing stool, at last.

After much deliberation I decided to line the inside of the lid with the same fabric as the top. It is such a pretty print that I thought it was the best solution. Did I make the right choice?
I am taking it to the fair on Sunday to be sold, I hope. I am even going to put a few vintage haberdashery bits inside as a little Brucie Bonus if it is to go to a new home.

I think that is all for today and this eve I will mostly be eating Lemon cake made by my mum, making Jubilee granny square bunting and drinking tea.

Whoops, nearly forgot....

I just had to buy this for myself. I don't normally buy myself Lego, honestly.
This is part of a Lego range that is just for girls. This is Emma's studio and with me being an Emma and really pining for a studio I thought it apt that it should be mine.
Have a closer look at the pic as it is so sweet. The drawers that Emma is reaching into have coloured Lego fabric bolts. Check out the drawing board! Bet you want one now ;)

Thanks for reading. X

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  1. Fabby fabby news, all of it. I'm glad you won't have to hold on for a wee anymore ;)

    I had one of the Fisher Price Snoop dogs as a little'un, I hope your kitties will be nice to yours.

    Loving all your makes and finds as usual, enjoy the cake xx

  2. Recognise cedric! What a exciting time you're having ... And love the sewing stool. Have a lovely week,

    Claire xx

  3. Wow so much news and so many photos, the lego is amazing, I don't have a studio but I shall look out for a lego cooking lady...keep your eyes peeled for me, preferably wearing a pinnie. And I like your new partner in crafting. Meanwhile I may see you at the market because there's a minor extension called Local Demonstration (underneath Local Creation) and I might be there selling something as simple as tea and scones...see you Sunday either way, if I'm not sconning it, I'll be shopping it xx

    1. There is a Lego cooking lady!!
      There is nothing simple about scones and I love em. X

  4. Replies
    1. Hi Fee, will you be joining us for a brew? X

  5. might just...but don't be running off and leave me with the flamin' stall!!! You'll find me in the midst of scones and jam...x

  6. This is so cute! do you have an "about me" type page? I'm curious to know why you chose the name Betty. It's one of my favorites.

    1. Hi, 'Oooh Betty' is from a sitcom that was very popular in the 70s called 'Some mothers do have 'em'. The main character was called Frank Spencer and his wife was called Betty.
      I chose the name because I love the 70s and wanted something iconic of that era.
      Hope this explains.
      Also, I am totally with you and I love the name Betty too.
      Had I have had a daughter (I have 3 boys) she would definitely have been called Betty.
      X x x

  7. Love the dog and dolls house - so cute! Have a great time at the market.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  8. Love love love all your thrift finds as usual. How lucky getting Mr Doggy FREE! Eak!!
    And congrats on your new fayre partner, just what I want. Love my blokie to bits but he gets very fed up at events but I like having someone there to man the stall as you do! Maybe one day I'll find myself someone I can do it with! xxxx

    1. I tell you what, you have a good bloke you do!
      Mr Betty is a gem when it comes to dropping me off and picking me up but the bit in-between.......not a chance.
      X x x

  9. Hiya
    I'm your Jubilee Faith Hope & Charity swap partner Miss Rayne
    (Tracy, really) from Vintage Chic - http://sheepandchick.blogspot.co.uk

    just been browsing your blog, very impressed with your creative makes. Looking forward to chatting soon. you can email me at