Friday, 11 May 2012

Quick kitty update and cheap haberdashery tip off.

I thought it was about time I did an update on my 2 kitties.
They are now 7 months old and have both just been 'done' and micro chipped.
Lola is very slinky and naughty, Bill is fat and lazy.
They are very scratchy and Mr Betty is forever telling them off. I get the feeling that this may be falling on deaf ears.
Both of them like the garden.

Particularly next doors tree.

This is Billy and I think that if he keeps growing at the same rate he may actually turn out to be a full size Bengal tiger, god forbid. Look at the size of those paws.
They have an outdoor chair that is on the decking but under a canopy. They like to have a snooze in the fresh air but they are not too keen on getting wet.

They still love each other very much.

Today I went out with the other Oooh Betty for a bit of a charity shop mooch. I got a couple of vintage bits which I will share with you shortly but the things I am most pleased with are the haberdashery bits I picked up.
The St Anns Hospice shop on Mauldeth Road in Manchester had a whole lot of end of line stock from Urban Outfitters. I could actually of spent a fortune but because I am a bit thrifty I held back.
I got a few bits of Urban Outfitters underwear (new of course) but I cannot put pics of that on as Mr Betty might read this and get over excited and I can do without that ;)
Here is what I purchased.

Each bit was £2 each and I think that is very reasonable. I do think I might need to seek help from BA very soon (bobblaholics anonymous).

I also got this just because it is an 'E'

If you are local it is well worth a visit. Clothes, men's and ladies. Housey stuff, books and lots of ribbons.

Here are a few of the Vintage Treasures I have found on my travels this week.

Boxed sherry glasses x 6 in the original box. I don't normally buy glasses but I just fell for these.
I also got the round tin tray with a rather nice floral design.

Possibly being a bit hopeful here.
I recently got some new sunnies and I thought that this beaded sunglasses case was ideal for the summer, if it ever arrives.

Yesterday I was a busy miss lizzy. I was at home all day and I decided it would be a good time to get down with the crafting.
I did one lot of crochet granny square bunting and I made a few more bibbly bobbly pin cushions.

I packaged them and made a little price sign. Do you think £3.00 is the right price?

I also made some more corsages brooches. I like making these. I use crochet doilies, linen, lace, fabric and vintage buttons. They fasten on using kilt pins.

My next project is some London 2012 Jubilee inspired embroidery hoops.
I will hopefully complete one this evening and I will be needing some feedback from you over the weekend. If they are twonk we will say no more about it.

I will be missing the Vintage Village Fair this weekend as it is Littlests birthday next week and we have a few celebrations planned. I will be doing the Magpies&I Market the Sunday after and all the crafty bits are in preparation for that. I cannot wait.

Tonight I will mostly be finishing off my London hoop, watching Corrie (quite good at the mo) and doing something with wooden hangers??
Thanks for reading, have a lovely weekend and I will be back soon. X

Somebody please remind me to post about my Lego!

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  1. I did NOT need to know of this shop.....!!
    happy weekend to you
    fee x

    1. Succumb to the temptation and go and get some bobbly trim and some ribbon. You know you want to! X

  2. Love the haberdashery finds! Cats are just gorgeous!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. Lego!!!!
    now I need more bobbles after seeing yours...I have B.E (bobble envy) does your wooden hanger thingy involve crochet??? if yes please show me how :) :)
    happy weekend x x x x

    1. Hi Jane, we need to discuss dates for our adventure. I will text you!
      Yes, hanger project is crochet related. Very much in the experimental stages at the mo.
      Will keep you updated.
      Happy weekend to you too. X

  4. £3is very cheap! Lots of lovely finds on your travels ... Absolutely love the corsages! Have a nice weekend, Claire xxx

    1. Hi Claire, I am so glad you like the corsages brooches, very encouraging as your taste is impeccable. X

  5. Kittywittys look very perky up their tree and very calm in their chair, lovely finds especially the bobbly thingys, your pincushions are good and 3.00 good price, I have been making pin cushions for the next craft fair at the end of May from felt and liberty fabric and thought I would sell them at that price too. Julie xxx

  6. Tee hee hee! Very cute cats! They look soft! And mischievous.

  7. Ooooooo you found lots of lovely bits - insaaaanely jealous :-))) xxxxx