Thursday, 10 May 2012

Book review, scrap booking and a funny little visitor.

As promised, here is the book review I had planned.
I am sure a lot of you already have it as it does combine 2 of our most favourite things, retro and craft.

The book is called 'Vintage Craft Workshop' and is by Cathy Callahan. The photography is by Meiko Takechi Arquillos. The photography is amazing!
Even if I never make any of the lovely crafty things this book has to offer the inspiration it has given me makes it well worth the money.
I bought it from Amazon as I do most of my books.
Let me share a few images from the book with you and you will soon understand why I used the word 'inspiration'.

What do you think? I just love it. The vase is just fabby, I think I might just have to have a go at making one of those.
Every craft project featured within this book has a genuine 60s or 70s picture to demonstrate where the idea originated from and then the design is slightly adjusted to give each project a modern twist.
My other favourite ideas are the string art birdcage and the fishy bag. Please buy this book I just know you will love it.

As well as reading books I have also been making my own. No, no, don't get carried away! I am not making a real book, I am referring to my scrap book.

Every now and again, when my magazine hoard becomes a fire hazard and Mr Betty trips over a pile of them, I feel the need to have a good sort out. This is a job that could never be classed as a chore unlike my equally large pile of ironing.
Big mug of tea, scissors and a glue stick and off I go.
I only cut out my absolute fave of pics. I have had my scrap book for quite some time and it is nowhere near full so this demonstrates that I am quite pinnickity about what goes in.

It is interesting to look back over the choices of images and you can see that the things that you love so much you probably now have.
The above page is full of cuttings that I added about 2 years ago and since then I have acquired the Ercol sofa and the kitchenette. Amazing really.

I think I may do some more cutting and sticking this evening as the TV selection is pantalooners!

Whilst wandering around my house, camera in hand (like you do), I spotted this unusual birdie in my garden.

He looks like a blackbird but he has a speckled head and upper body. He is quite a confident little fella, the kitties were in the vicinity and he didn't seem at all bothered. Having said that, my kitties seem more interested in getting stuck up trees so the ground is probably the safest place to be if you are a birdie.

After a bit of Google investigative surfing I now know that it is a part albino blackbird.
It is not overly rare but it certainly is rare to my garden. I hope to see him eating our worms in the future.

Tonight I will mostly be making then eating filo and feta pie, scrap booking and thinking it is a Wednesday.
Thanks for reading. X

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  1. What a fab book, will defo look into ordering one. Especially interested in string art as I was thinking of having a go at a string art picture for our lounge wall. What a great scrapbook idea too. I have about 12 years worth of Livingetc mags hoarded away in my wardrobe that I never look at but can't bring myself to chuck. This is the perfect excuse to flick thru, clip out favourite images and recycle the mags, meaning more space for yarn and fabric in the wardrobe - whoopee! Have a fab weekend. x

    1. You must order the book, the string art is brilliant and it tells you exactly what you need. I will post a pic later today.
      I have yet to tackle my 3 years of Livingetc I must admit, might attempt it this weekend. Problem with the Livingetc is there are so many brilliant images to choose from. I may have to purchase a massive scrap book!
      Hope you have a fabby weekend too. Xx