Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Comfy Crochet and Bobbly Pin Cushions

I was going to share my meal planning techniques with you today but I had Fish and Chips for lunch and I cannot even think about food til tomorrow.
I also received the book I was going to review and I can't wait to tell you all about it. It is totally brill.
But, I have more important news to share with you today and it is news on the Crochet scene.

I love crochet. I only learnt how to crochet a few months ago and I am not particularly good at it. I have made a scarf, a cushion and about a zillion granny squares.
Granny squares are so satisfying. Only a bit of yarn, a few minutes and instant satisfaction. I like to sit on my fave sofa, watch a bit of crappy TV and knock out a handful of granny squares....bliss!
As I mentioned on a recent blog post when I was a little grumps, I have recently been suffering with Carpal Tunnel which affects hands, wrists and lower arms (for me anyway).
Just after I mentioned my upsetting situation I was emailed by an absolute gem of a lady and she insisted on gifting me a special crochet hook that she has developed herself.
Not only did she do exactly as promised and send me a special hook but she also made it in orange especially for me :)

When I first started using it I found it hard to work at my normal pace but as I have practiced more over the last 4 days I am now up to my normal speed. I have no pain and my fingers don't get that funny tingly feeling. Honestly, I am not exaggerating, it is just fabby beyond fabby.
I have spoken to Sarah (aka lovely lady) and she has listed some on Folksy just for us.

I am going to order another size and I would advise anyone to give one a go.
You can check them out here.

Along with my comfy crochet granny squares I have also been making some little Bobbly pin cushions.

Check out my mini iron. My mum just happened to have one?? She is a funny fish!

I recently went a bit mad, well, madder than usual and I ordered enough pom pom trim to wrap around the earth 3 times. I ordered this amount in 3 colours.
I decided I would make some mini cushions.

I haphazardly cut out coloured felt squares and vintage fabric squares.
Using my little pink sewing machine I attached felt to fabric to pom pom trim and then filled with stuffy stuff.

After trimming the corners and edges I added some fancy pins and 'bobs yer uncle' funky bobbly pin cushions in multi coloured loveliness.

I will package them in an Oooh Betty stylie and take um to market. They will only be a cheap little gift idea but they will certainly brighten up my stall.
I am going to make some more, just because I like making them. I wonder if the kitties would like to rest their furry heads on one?

This eve I will mostly be thinking it is Tuesday, watching Four Rooms and fending off people that Mr Betty offended earlier in the day ( it involves dog poo, Mr Betty rage and the dog woman's angry husband).
Thanks for reading. X

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  1. Love your little bobble cushions...I am with you on the Tuesday thing...was a very happy bunny when I realised it was apprentice night :) and what clever little hooks.....genius xxxxxxxxxx

  2. Cool bobbly pincushions and great hook. Did Mr Betty step in the dog poo, is that what made him mad! Julie xxx

  3. Those little cushions are the cutest! Well done, I love the tiny dingle-ball trim :)

  4. Oh you cheer me up so much, you should be on the stage! Love the little pincushions ... Claire xxx

  5. Love the little pin cushions - so bright and cheery!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  6. Mini cushions are so cool! i love that bobble trim :)