Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Vintage Treasure

Today was going to be a Tuesday Book Club post but the book has failed to arrive. 
Luckily I do have a few things to witter on about. 
Do you remember that I did a post a while ago entitled something to do with 2 buses coming along? Well it's only happened again.
It was Staffordshire jars last time. This time it is this.

This little fella is smaller than last weeks new addition and he is a lot older. He has no tag and his duffle coat has seen better days but he does have his original PB wellie boots. Do I keep both? Do I keep the smaller one as he takes up less room? Very tricky!

I also acquired this.
I am referring to the camera of course. The plant has been there for ages.
I love old cameras I do and this one is really sweet. This is a definite keeper. Mr Betty likes it too.

Both of the above items were from an Attic sale that was held at the Festival Hall in Alderley. I spotted the poster for it when Mr Betty and I were in that neck of the woods on Friday. It must have been poorly advertised as it was only Mum and me there for the first hour. I didn't find that much but it has kept me satisfied for a few days (the sale was on Saturday).

I also gotthis.

Really sweet little wooden sewing box. Perfect for keeping bits and bobs safe. 
I have lined it with paper and I will keep my ring backs, earring backs and other teeny tiny things inside its little compartments. 
Can anyone spot the intruder on the second pic?

I hung my Tapestry pic.

and my mum has given me another tapestry cushion

I like this one a lot. It has a pink velvet back. All mine and my mums tapestry cushions were made by her mum/my grandma which makes them that extra bit special.

My blog tomorrow will be about my meal planning. Not too sure why.
I will also be reviewing a crochet hook that I was very kindly sent over the weekend.I will try and get a link to her shop before I post as I have a sneaky feeling that you might decide to try one for yourself :)
Tonight I will mostly be thinking it is a Monday, doing a bit of crochet and building a little lego set I bought for myself. You will understand when I explain.
Thanks for reading. x


  1. Love the little box - good find! Cushion is absolutely lovely - so soft and elegant!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. I'm a complete newbie to your gorgeous blog and I'm so glad I stumbled across you - what gorgeous finds! I'm especially in love with the old camera as I'm a bit of a vintage camera hoarder myself!

    Jem xXx

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