Tuesday, 8 May 2012

A Letter to 'Agitated Alan of Ashby de la Zouch'

Today is the day where I realise I have a successful blog. Yes, I have hit the big time. 
Why? I hear you ask. 
Well, let me tell you.
I have had an email of complaint. Not nasty, oh no. Just a little on the whiney side.

There are a couple of bloggers who I admire big time. They are in the what I would call 'The Highly Successful Blogger' category.
A Thrifty Mrs is in this category as is Old Fashioned Susie. What else do these two lovely ladies have in common, they have both received whiney blog messages and therefore I feel that now I have had one I am up there with the best. Well not quite but I am quite possibly on my way.

I have decided to address the problem email head on as I am a very brave soldier. I am also concerned that 'Agitated Alan of Ashby de la Zouch' may not rest until he has received answers and the things he was really looking for. (I have used a bit of blogging artistic license with the Ashby de la Zouch bit, it just sounded cool).

Poor 'Agitated Alan' has been directed to my Blog, via google, by using the word runway. This does happen, I have checked my blog stats and found confirmation of this very fact. I can only imagine Alans disappointment when he was faced with a hanging Danish monkey and a load of old tins. Well I say 'imagine', I don't actually need to as he has told me.

By doing what I am about to do on this here blog post not only will  explain to you my reasons for the reference 'House at the end of the Runway' but I will also quench Alans thirst for a bit of plane patter.

So 'Agitated Alan of Ashby de la Zouch' sit back, buckle up and prepare for the flight of your life!
Here is a satellite pic ( they all like this kinda s**t).

The yellow dot is the end of the runway and the red dot is Betty House. Not that close you might be thinking Alan.
Well I am now going to share something a bit special with you.
The following pic was taken, by moi, standing in my living room window.
This is a pic of a PIA plane coming in to land. Not the biggest plane but I was unwilling to loiter around my bay window for any length of time as I have more important things to do.

So you see Alan, I do live at the end of the runway and if I was any closer to it, it would be slightly unsafe although on the other hand very useful for duty free shopping.
I hope this has satisfactorily answered your query and if you do decide to pop by my blog again I must warn you that my future posts are to include meal planning, a new sewing box and possibly a few cats. If you have no interest in any of these things then please keep it to yourself.
I will be back later today with an 'official' blog post.
Thanks for reading. (not you Alan). x


  1. Ha! Very good!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. brilliant reply Emma. I often wonder what the people looking for 'transvestite rain hoods' think when they stumble across my blog! (long story but frequent key word search)
    Now I realise I haven't arrived until someone whines about it!! Have the reply ready.....
    fee x
    (hope you don't get them now I've put those words on your lovely blog!!!)

  3. You are the best Mrs Betty :-) poor Alan!! ha ha x

  4. Oh my word! This made me laugh so much! You have made my morning Mrs Betty! :D