Sunday, 27 May 2012

Things that are making me smile.

Been a bit quiet here as I have been ill, well I say ill but actually not officially ill. Let me explain.
I have had what I think is Vertigo? I feel like I am always boring you with my woes but I am not going to moan.
Vertigo is the pits (slighty moany). I have been all over the place. Just lay down for 2 days with my head in one position, very boring. Missed all the sun (bit more moany now).
Felt woozey every time I moved (reaching really whiney). Got some tablets via NHS direct (why does anyone complain about the NHS? They never let me down). Feeling better now but got to go Drs tomorrow incase I have had a stroke....unlikely as my crochet has been bob on!

Anyway, I will include my reduction in dizziness in my smile category if that is ok.
The sun,aaaah, what a difference it makes.

Mr Betty and moi purchased 2 olive trees, he paid and I directed.
We planted them, he planted and I directed some more, tis all about teamwork!

The Virginia creepers have started to creep and make my walled garden area look a bit prettier.

And I bought a couple of extra plants for the top of my outside kitchen cupboard ( every home should have one).

Mr Betty very kindly drove me and my wobbly legs to our local car boot this morn and held me up whilst I struggled around. It had to be done, I needed a fix, you understand.

I was most happy to find 2 flasks for the picnic hamper I purchased last year.

Doesn't it look lovely!

I also bought loads more ribbons from a lady I purchased from over a year ago. Thank the lord she saved some for me ;)

This pic doesn't really do the ribbon justice but I am trying to kill 2 birds with one stone by showing off my new Pyrex at the same time......shepherds pie anyone?

I also got this retro doll making book which is very handy for mini clothes ideas, kitties in mind.

I think the girl on the front cover has been subjected to the same DIY hair cut that I had to cope with as a child, I feel for ya kid I really do.

Picked up this wicked mug for 50p.

It is a bit damaged but I just love the print. It will be filled with pens and pencils like all my other less than perfect mugs. Mr Betty shared his opinion on our mug situation during my purchase but I just ignored him. He does worry so.

Little rose tin, I am sure I will find some thingys to put inside it by the end of the day.

It quite possibly could be ideal for knitting needles? Will check this idea out shortly.

Lastly for today is a picture that is quite possibly questionable.
It is one of those things that you fall in love with but really struggle to work out why.

It has gone straight on my wall and I am pretty sure that that is where it will stay.
Opinions please, love it? Hate it? Not sure? Don't care? Have just dozed off?

It is the start of the holidays for Littlest boy and Largest boy has officially finished school and only has to attend to take his few, final exams.
I will leave you with a picture that brought a little tear to my eye.

Pretty self explanatory as far as pics go, very simple, but to me it just says it all.

I am glad that the 'CAUTION WET FLOOR' sign he came home with is out of sight. He's a good boy really. X

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  1. The super pretty rose tin has stolen my heart! It is simply gorgeous and would look so fetching on any surface really :-)

    Jem xXx

  2. Sorry you're not feeling too good ... you still managed to find some treasure though! I used to have the little Chinese girl picture, in aframe. I sold her but now I've seen her again, quite miss her! Does this happen to you? Anyway enjoy the rest of your weekend, Claire xx

    1. Claire, I do it all the time!
      I will sell something on my stall and as it is carried away I will be thinking noooooooo.
      Hope you are enjoying the sun. Xxxx

  3. Poor you with the vertigo, my husband had it for two months, he was in a real state with it! now he is taking amytryptilline and on a low salt and no caffeine diet on the consultants advice.It can be nasty.
    P.s. I love that picture, very pretty and I would have it on my wall too.

    1. Hi Anne, your poor hubby...2 months? How did he cope?
      I have completely given up caffeine too. Realised it is just no good although there is a downside, seem to be dozing off rather a lot ;) xxx
      P.s glad you like the pic

  4. Oh I hate the vertigo thing. Sometimes its an inner ear issue, and in that case you can do a series of moves with your neck and head to get it back in the right spot. I enjoyed your finds! I personally don't care for the last print -- just a personal thing with me having an aversion to Asian art! It's kitschy, though!

  5. Sorry to hear you have been feeling poorly. I was diagonised with Meniere's disease a few years ago and have been taking tablets ever since so i know just how horrible you must have been feeling. The best thing to do is rest. Hope you feel better soon. Great finds and buys i like the picture if you see some of my vintage children's pictures there like marmite ;-)) dee x

    1. Thanks Dee, poor you with the Menieres. I could not live with the squiffy head, so scary.
      Totally agree with the Marmite reference, some peeps love em and a lot of folks find them right creepy. I don't like the sad ones myself, too haunting.
      X x x

  6. Oh Emma
    I really feel for you as I am going through the tail end of it now. I missed little Johns first day at school because I had my head down the loo.. did they give you betahistamine? It works wonders for me and I have to keep it to hand! Not sure on the picture as it reminds me of the one we had on the school wall, whose eyes used to
    "follow" us!

  7. The vertigo sounds terrible, I hope it goes for you very soon.

    Am also very jealous of ALL your car boot buys, I'm wondering which 'local' car boot you go to - wondering if its the one at Styal (as I still consider that my local one, even though I don't live that side of the airport anymore!) I keep promising myself I will get up one sunday and drive over, but my general laziness in the mornings always lets me down :(

    I especially love the tin - seems I have a thing for tins, my OH makes remarks probably similar to Mr Betty and remarks over mugs!


    1. Hi Sarah, yes it is the Styal Carboot. I live just off Styal Road so it would be a crime not to go.
      I do have issues with general laziness too and often find I need a Sunday afternoon nap.
      I am tin mad too btw. Xxx

    2. Well I shall be back down to Styal then as soon as I get back off mum went week before last and said there wasn't much there - I've decided she just doesn't have a good eye as I'm not sure ever what she's looking for!
      I'm also going to be scrutinising Cornwall for charity shops and fairs, and I'll let you know what I find!

  8. I love the picture! It's especially nice with the red bookshelf. Definitely one to keep!


  9. Hi! Love the picture, and the rose ftin is gorgeous, I had terrible vertigo over the new year caused by a virus, I feel your pain, hope you feel better soon!

    1. Hi Linda, exactly what I have got!! Visited the Drs this morning and he said it was Vertigo that was caused by a virus. It is awful.
      Hopefully I will be free of it very soon, thanks for your kind words.
      X x x

  10. LOL on the little girl's haircut too because i had the same exact one when i was a young 'un :) love the chinese girl's pic :) i can't explain why either :) get well soon! (found u on HLA)