Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Giveaway winner announcement on a lovely day.

Today is the day....well yesterday was the day but I forgot.
I will announce the winner shortly, I have a few thingy majiggys to talk of first.

There are a few new kitty faces on the block.

These may help the winner to decide the syle of kitty they wish to own. You may notice that behind their funny little heads is a rather marvellous vintage wallpaper patchwork. This is courtesy of Little Teawagon
and is all part of my new kitty packaging. I will show you the whole caboodle in a couple of days when completely finished.

I am very excited to be returning to http://www.thevintagevillage.co.uk/ for it's next fair on June 10th. I am already in the throws of preparation and enjoying every minute of it.
As always I will be sharing my fair prep with you and here is the first thing I have been working on.

I have missed having a doll house on my stall as it is always such a great talking point. Ladies remember owning the very same one as a girl, the children like to take a closer look inside and I like to spend some time arranging all the furniture of course.
So, I have been working on another. I will add some finishing touches and extras before the 10th of June and it will hopefully be as much of a pleaser as my last one.

My haberdashery prep is underway too.

I will be taking lots of new fabrics and trims, I will also have a new selection of Vintage buttons that will be just perfect for gifts.

A lot of my crafting and prepping has been taking place in the great outdoors over the last couple of days (my garden to be precise on location).
Is the whole of our damp little country having the same great weather. I do hope so!

Line drying is just bliss. I like to wash my bedding in the morn, dry in the aft and put straight on to the bed in the eve. Don't tell Mr Betty I do this as he is petrified of spiders and it is a well known fact that every sheet bought in from a line dry is housing at least 5 little spids.

I am gradually adding to my garden wall, anything goes!

Today I met with Mrs Teawagon for what is becoming a regular chit chat session. I think we are proper friends now. We had tea and teacakes in an ice-cream parlour (but no ice-cream) and then went for a little mooch.

I got these.

Oh my! These are the best pinking shears EVER. What a precise bit of engineering they are.
I let Mr Betty have a try of them and even he was impressed. I can now give back the ones that my mum let me borrow approximately 7 years ago.
I think they will embark on their maiden cutting voyage tomorrow during some Jubilee bunting creation. I have already done some Jubilee granny square bunting....hark at me!

So, today I did the giveaway draw.
How did I chose the winner I hear you ask. Well, I asked littlest for his help and we wrote all the entrants down on some Hairy Manilla (I will explain this later in the week) and we popped all the bits of card into his army helmet. He then placed his dirty little felt tippy hand into the aforementioned helmet and picked one out. I absolutely should have some photographic evidence of this but a paddling pool was involved (don't ask) and I love my camera too much.

Anyhows, the winner is Maria of Rosey Tinted Spectacles Maria, I will email you shortly.

Thank you to all the folks that entered, I loved hearing about all of your pets and their funny personalities.
Also, thanks to everyone that messaged support for my wibble wobble problem. I cannot believe how many others suffer with it and my heart really does go out to anyone that has it often or god forbid, long term. I am pleased to say that I am now a lot better with a bit of medicinal help of course.

I love all my blog friends I really do.

Tonight I will be drinking tea then sleeping a happy sleep. X

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  1. Thank you!
    You have made my day!
    As I was having a wibbly wobbly day yesterday myself, felt close to tears for the most of it.Even posted a sadish blog and wondered if I should have done!
    I haven,t won any thing ever before, that I can recall.
    Maybe your little chappie knew I needed to smile to day! hehex
    Thank you again, its not the winning,it,s the lovely folks that you meet on here!
    Love Maria x PS I put the sheets on the bed, straight from the line too(spiders and all) hehexx

    1. Hi Maria, so glad I was able to cheer you up.
      My email address us emmabinka@aol.com. Let me have your address and tell me what colour kitty you would like.also, what is your favourite colour?
      X x x

  2. Ahhh I like doing the same with my sheets and I hate spiders! wish I didn't know that!! I love your kitties they're so cute!