Sunday, 3 June 2012

Hard work over the jubilee weekend.

Happy Jubille weekend to you.
I have not been invited to any jubilee events nor have I held a Jubilee event. It is all vert quiet at our house at the end of a runway.
My mother has been partying all weekend and has more planned in the coming days. She puts Mr Betty and I to shame.

I have decided to use this precious extended weekend as time to focus and create. I lost focus slightly last night whilst enjoying Pimms and a 3 course meal but I have now re-focused and things are going swimmingly.

Most of my time has been spent at my very cluttered desk.

Of course, I have no complaints about this as this is where I am at my happiest apart from my bed.
What have I been working on I hear you ask. Well, I have been focusing on my kitties.
I have created new outfits, a little satchel and a home (of sorts).
I am referring to my felties btw, not my real kitties. The real ones are driving me to despair!
So, here they are...

My 'kitties in boxes'
I really hope you like them.

I ordered recycled card in 'Hairy Manilla' (great name for a pet). I made matchbox style packaging, lining the boxes with vintage, patchwork wallpaper.

I (my mum) knitted new sweaters and tanks. I stitched vintage fabric pieces into simple little skirts.

And then I cleared down my Folksy store and created a bit of a re-launch situation. Very therapeutic but also rather time consuming.
I really hope they do ok and more than that I hope you like them.
Let's see how it goes :)

Great bit of Ebaying to report too.

£5.00!! what a steal!!
Just collected it today and I am so excited to get started on it's makeover.
I will use this to display 'things' on when doing my stall.
Talking of stalls....this week is going to be all about the Vintage Village fair on this coming Sunday.
I will share all the details over the next few days.

Tonight I will mostly be watching the Finale of you know what and the penultimate episode of Desperate Housewives. I may drink tea too.

I hope you are all well and thanks for reading.X

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  1. loving your kitties Emma. We're having our jubilee party tomorrow - any excuse for scone and tea!
    fee x

  2. The kitties are great...I loved them before..but with their patchy vintage abodes and fab bags ..even more now. No jubilations over here either...but I have eaten a lot of strawberries xxxx

  3. Love Love Love those Kitties, looking cute in their homes and their skirts and tops wow, really love their little faces too all with their own expressions, great. No Jubilee celes here either, daughter has a flag in her window, celebrating quietly at home might watch a bit of the concert tonight, busy getting even more cards and lavender bags ready for craft fair on Sat. Love Julie xxx

  4. Beautiful work Emma,
    You can just see the love that goes into making your sweet Kitties!
    Celebrating the Jubilee a little crazy here in the north west, although the weather has been very chilly, a Pimms or two has made up for it!
    Happy Monday!