Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Vintage Village Fair Prep & Sneaky Peek.

Well, I am in the throws of fair prep this week. I am as giddy as a kipper due to the fact that I (Del Boy) will have my Rodney back. Yes, Other Oooh Betty is staging a comeback!
We call each other Del and Rodders, not because we are dodgy dealers but we do tend to have lots of things in suitcases.
On a normal week you would have heard a lot more from me in the world of blogging but it is the school holidays and Mr Betty and I have been keeping 'Littlest' entertained in-between dropping off, picking up and feeding the 'Big Boy's'. They really are a full time job.

In the bit of spare time I have grabbed, I have been sorting and creating.
Other Oooh Betty and Moi have took a few piccies that we hope will wet your appetites for this coming Sunday.

As always OOB and myself will have lots of vintage haberdashery delights.

And a bit of Kitsch of course.

And, as always, some bits and bobs for the Vintage Village kids.

Please, please come and see us on Sunday. It is always lovely to see familiar faces and new faces.

Find all the details here
Tweet me if you are coming and we will look out for you.

This eve I will mostly be eating pesto pasta, picking up my boys from various places and covering a dummy.
Thanks for reading. X

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  1. Lots of lovely stuff! My son used to have one of those Fisher Price dogs, wish we still had it! I also have a houseful of bulging suitcases on top of cupboards and under beds ... But if I need one there isn't an empty one to be found ... Hope you do well, Claire xx

  2. I want your apple ice bucket! I love the stool too, gorgeous fabric! XO.

  3. yep great treasures Emma!
    Hope all goes really well for you!
    Just to let you known Kittie arrived safe and sound this morning and she is just "purfect"!
    She will be doing an apearance of grattitude on my blog shortly!!
    Maria x

  4. Oh, I love your blog - it always inspires me to make something, or (if I'm being honest) BUY something! Love the pink sewing machine, it's very gorgeous xx