Friday, 8 June 2012

Things that are making me smile, not smile and a few fair bits.

There has been lots of indoor time of late.
Only seeing the outside world from behind the safety and warmth of our windows.

Let's get the 'not smiling' bit out of the way first...... I know I am being very 'British' when I say this but I am very British so I have every right.
I am always one to defend the British weather problems. I like to stay positive by thinking how beautiful and green our country is and that we have water a plenty etc etc
The problem is that my garden is now more on the brown side of the colour spectrum and some of our country are still under the hose pipe ban ruling, that said, what is anyone going to need a hose pipe for anyhows?

That's off my mind now, thanks for listening.

Now for the things that are making me smile.

This is my first suitcase makeover project with the help of Mod Podge and a tutorial that can be found here.

I didn't use my bestest suitcase and I didn't use my most favourite fabric as this was a first attempt and it could have gone badly which could have caused trauma of the most serious kind. But it didn't go awry, it was very easy, and I now have a case I can place anywhere with pride (it is full of wool btw and next to my sofa).

I purchased this lovely hook in the sale at Urban Outfitters.

I just love it. It is on my inner front door all ready for a sign, a garland or whatever else I fancy hanging from my door. It is quite high up so that 'Littlest' isn't tempted to hang his pump bag on it.

'Middling' son is turning out to be rather a nice teenager. He is less moody than he has been for the previous 13 years of his life which is not that big of an achievement as he has been a particularly moody child. He has started 'hanging out' a bit and wanting all the trendy garb.
He is a big fan of sleepovers and food, in particular bagels. He cannot yet cut a bagel in 2 toaster size halves however so he does still need his mummy.....

The kitties are now 8 months old and are getting more annoying every day. They both like ponds and swimming in them which is quite annoying in a wet sofa kinda way but must be even more annoying for our next door neighbours who have 2 ponds.
Luckily, Mr Betty is most skilled in a frog rescue situation.

Yesterday I went to Stockport museum and Staircase House with my good friend and 3 of our boys. I will post pics next week as I want to do a decent blog about it as it was so unbelievably good. Any Vintage lovers would really enjoy a visit and I have photos to prove it.
It was nice being in Stockport, we ate lunch at Blackshaws cafe.
I could see the beautiful Victorian Market Hall from the windows of Staircase House which has got me even more giddy about Sunday.

Here are a few pics of my fair prep today.

I am pretty much organised now.
I am all packed up.......ish
Last minute stuff tomorrow eve after I have taken 'Littlest' out for the day with Other Oooh Betty and her boys. £1 movie in the morn and play centre for lunch......what else is there to do in this pants WEATHER!!

This late aft/early eve I will be welcoming my mum back home after her mini break in Scotland, eating take-out as I am pooped and drinking decaf cappuccino.

Thanks for reading. X

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  1. decaf? don't see the point!!!
    Lovely pictures - wishing I had a nice pre-teen! Mine's gone all huffy and puffy (and smelly)
    Good luck with your next fair...and yes please to more sunshine. I'm not one for moaning about the weather either..but Grrrrrr to all this rain!
    fee x

    1. Fee, you would get the point if you saw me after caffeine.....twitchy would be an understatement!
      Got past the 'smelly' bit but now the big boys use the bathroom pretty much all day.
      X x x

  2. love the suitcase, surely with fabric like that the Sun should get it's act together.

  3. Im with you on the wet weather front enough is enough now i think we have all had our fair share of it. Love what you did with your suit case it looks fab. And talking of fab you have some great items for your stall love that table. Good luck with it, dee x

  4. The floral suitcase turned out nice!

  5. I love reading your blog - it always makes me smile.