Saturday, 16 June 2012

Mr Betty has been robbed.

Third post of the day. Very unusual but I have to share some awful news.
Last night Mr Betty was robbed of his bank card.
Over night they have spent all our money and took us to our overdraft limit.
We are devastated, how do people do this to others?
Just when you think you are getting somewhere in life something makes you realise that nothing should be taken for granted.
The police are calling tomorrow at 9 and they are confident we will be reimbursed by the good people at Lloyds TSB. I pray they do or god knows what will happen to us financially.
The b*****ds have spent £2000 on football tickets and I bet they are making a holiday of it. We have had to scrape all our pennies together to afford a holiday abroad this year....why?

Sorry, I just had to get this off my chest and thank god I have my blog.

I will update you on any developments. Mr Betty is distraught :(
I love you Mr Betty. X

- Posted using IPad and half my brain.


  1. AWK NO! Poor you and Mr Betty! I don't understand how people can do this. x

  2. Oh no!! How terrible!! I am so sorry!! Very much hope that they catch the thieving sods who have done this to you - clearly they have no morals whatsoever :-(

    Jem xXx

  3. Emma, I'm so sorry, that sucks big time. I'm sure the bank will cover the money so don't worry about that part of it, just look after each other xxx

  4. So sorry about your bad luck.What gives some people the right to think they can take what belongs to others? I get so annoyed and frustrated, you work hard and some come along and think they have every right to do that and disrupt your lives.Hope everything gets sorted soon X

  5. Oh no that is awful, poor you and poor Mr Betty. I hope the bank and police can sort it out.

    Big hugs to you all x

  6. Oh dear :( That's awful! I'm sure you'll get your money back & hopefully they can trace whoever spent it all! XO.

  7. So sorry. Hope the bank comes to the party really quickly.

  8. And my third comment too!
    Poor Mr Betty (and this time I mean it) and poor you too.
    And to think those little ..... (insert swear word here!) spent your money on football tickets! If it was food for their children, even though stealing is dreadfully wrong - you could almost understand it. But the football!
    I hope the bank reimburses you quickly and I'm thinking of you.

  9. I am so sorry to hear this. his life is more important of course but this is still devastating. A couple of years ago, we got a mystery parcel that we thought was a joke present from a friend, but then the invoice was in my husband's name. So we went online and found some trnsactions we didn't recognise, utility bills and gambling websites. We immediately rang the bank (same as yours). They were rightly cautious but after questioning us carefully, reassured us that they were investigating fraud. his bank card had apparently been cloned on the internet (now we use a credit card or paypal). About 6 weeks later, we got every single penny reimbursed, including the overdraft interest that resulted. I hope this is of some comfort although I can imagine the stress and shock you are both undergoing; worse than ours, because neither of us were ever in danger. (((HUGS)))

  10. So sorry this has happened to you. My card was cloned some years ago and one of the things the thieves spent my money on was £25 to Christian Aid. It was my bank that reported the matter to me and I did get my money returned.

  11. I am so sorry to hear this. I so hope the Police will be able to help you and the bank will do the right thing.

  12. This is an awful experience for Mr. Betty! These people are coldhearted! They only used the money for their own personal pleasure. Still, Attila's right. The important thing is he wasn't harmed in any way. I do hope he'll recover from his shock soon. You take care of each other now.

    Guy Chambliss

  13. That’s just awful, Betty! Did you ever find out who the culprits were and how they got a hold of your bank card? Well, if you did get reimbursed, that would have been great. On a more positive note, I think it’s a good thing that no one got hurt in the process. It would have been even more devastating. I think the best thing to do keep this from happening again is to keep your valuables in a safe with a combination. That way, only you can gain access to them.

    Cindie Guevara