Saturday, 16 June 2012

Things that are making me smile.

Hello again, bet you are sick of me today.
I am like a bus, nothing comes along for days and then 2 appear in quick succession.

I did want to be a little earlier with this post but I have been bogged down with things.
Largest son has been a pain, coming in late last night when he promised he wouldn't and then getting up early to go to Chester for 'Chester Rocks' refusing to take a coat and there ore causing a ding dong. Kids!

Mr Betty went out last night and was 'forced' to drink too much. He is not a drinker and never goes out so he is in a big mess today. I am staying well out of the way....I do not cope well with sick buckets particularly when they contain purple stuff.
I can guarantee he will not want to go out on the lash for at least 2 years. He did blame his nausea on a man in a bar who sprayed aftershave on him??? Where the hell has he been??

Littlest lost his first tooth.
It was literally hanging off to the point where it had gone black over the last couple of days. Luckily he pulled it himself in the end, it has been a real hoohaa.

I thrifted yet another little terrier today whilst distracted from the planned purchase of buttons.
At 99p he was coming home no matter what. He will join the other terrier and poodle later today so they can 'mingle' into the eraly hours.

Littlest is crazy for cutting, sticking and stapling at the moment. He is wrapped up in it for hours at a time...literally. We have been displaying his work over the fireplace in the playroom.

I love it when kids craft.
I have been buying a sketch pad a day however and must get myself to the local DIY shop and purchase some rolls of lining paper, so much more cost efficient.

The kitties are adorable......
whilst asleep. During their waking hours, which seem a lot more than is natural for cats, they are an absolute nuisance. They demand I throw a toy mouse for at least an hour a day. I have just pulled the sofa out and retrieved 5 cotton reels, 2 rolls of elastic, 2 thimbles, 17 pieces of Lego, a pen, numerous bits of paper and 3 toy mice. I have taken to sitting with a bag of treats so I can distract them from my stitching.

I hope they will continue to love each other into their adult lives but that they will calm down into sleepy lazy kitties quite soon.

I have taken a stall at Magpies tomorrow.
It was a very last minute thing and I was going to give it a miss for a couple of reasons. Firstly because I did Vintage Village last week and I would struggle with stock and prep and secondly due to it being Fathers day.
Mr Betty said he wants me to do it and Middling son is going to come and help me.

I also made a decision to make it more simple and just take my haberdashery supplies and my 'Kitty In A Box'.
This means that I am travelling very lightly.

I will take all my fabrics, bedspreads, curtains, hoops, handles and loads of threads.

And I will bring all the ribbons and lace.

I will also take a few choice nik naks. Lambs and fawns etc

It is quite nice knowing that I will be set up quickly and easily. It is nice to not worry about pottery and glass. I am now quite excited about a different direction for Oooh Betty.

Another thing that I have done today is de activate my Facebook account.
I read a post today by Fading Grace and it has really hit home. You can read it here and you will probably understand where she is coming from.
I commented on her lovely blog to say that I understood and that I would like to cancel my Facebook account too but that I maybe need it for promoting my stall, shop and blog.

I then got to thinking that actually, my Facebook 'Oooh Betty' page has never got up and running. I maybe don't really get it but I think I needed people to like it and they didn't.
So, what was I doing on Facebook? Well, nowt.

So, I have bitten the bullet and de activated, let's see if I can live without it.

The thing about blogging is that it enables you to 'mix' with like minded souls that can inspire and support your ideas. I blog about things I would never share on Facebook.
I will still Tweet about Oooh Betty stuff but for me it is just about the blogging now but as Fading Grace said, i will NOT focus on stats, I will realise how lucky I am to have the lovely followers I currently have and I WILL blog more efficiently....ahem.

I hope this has not come across as a rant.

So, who is coming to see me and Middling son at Magpies and I tomorrow?
It is in the indoor market hall in Altrincham and my stall will be situated in the brick built hall near the cafe. Let's see how it goes.

Tonight I will mostly be sewing whiskers on kitties, laughing at Mr Betty and having an early night (not like that, Mr Betty is too weak).

Thanks for reading. X

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  1. Poor Mr Betty!
    (self inflicted though, so I can't give him too much sympathy)

  2. Hello there, just found your blog recently so thought i should stop just reading and do a little writing and say hello!

    Must just ask are the kitties Bengals by any chance? We have two too! They are fab but such hard work bless them.


    1. Yep, they are bengals. So affectionate and yet so flippin naughty.
      Can't believe you have 2 too! Brilliant!
      Glad you decided to say hello. X

  3. So much to comment on, the kitties are gorgeous! I love the little ceramic dog - I'm always on the look out for a good one, but never seem to see them here!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  4. Just having a little catch up in a rare quiet moment (Saturday Guardian and chocolate next!)
    So glad your fair went well - and glad you're coming back to Alty - lets hope there are no further hoo hars!!!
    fee x