Saturday, 16 June 2012

Staircase House Museum, Stockport.

I have been meaning to do this post for a while now, well, since I visited Staircase House to be precise.
I have been busy of late and have had 'Littlest off school, he is now much better.
This will be my first of 2 posts today as I am really keen to do a 'things that are making me smile post' later. I also have a last minute fair announcement.

The pics don't really do the museum justice I am sad to say as I used my mobile phone. I wish I had taken my camera but it was rainy so I had rain jackets, umbrella, emergency entertainment toys (we were eating out, you know the drill).

Littlest and I got the bus in to Stockport and met our friends at Blackshaws cafe in the Market place. The cafe is good and it is connected via a doorway to the museum which is very handy in a downpour situation. I loved sitting in Blackshaws and looking out onto the red and green paintwork of the Victorian Market Hall, you all know how I feel about that place.

After our lunch we headed the extremely short distance to the museum.
We were given a very in depth talk on the house and how to get the most out of our visit and we were each given a phone like device so that we could be directed around and learn all there was to learn about each room. Mic, me and our boys of 3 were useless with the gadgets but the boys thought they were pretty cool and seemed to use them as walkie talkies.

Now, the thing about Staicase House is that it is all interactive or hands on so to speak and it is presented like a 'lived in house, ie, no plaques, information boards etc.
It is amazing for kids, absolutely brilliant. If you are local or willing to bob over to Stockport it is well worth a visit. My friend and I just loved all the decor and furnishings.

The rooms gradually progress through different eras in time as you cover the house.
I have taken a few pics so that you can see how much our boys got involved.

Checking out the 'dead scratchy' bed. They dressed up in this room too!

Littlest stoking the open fire in the kitchen. The kitchen contained fresh herbs, aprons and brooms and a bird to pluck.....Littlest was not up for the plucking and said it was too feathery.

Writing with quills. All 3 boys loved this bit and spent quite some time in this room. Us adults loved it too, I think I was quite good at it.

Our boys enjoying soup and bread. They found the little WC that was situated off this room utterly hilarious. Again, hats to wear and tall leather boots to try out.

This bedroom was my favourite room, so pretty. It had a wardrobe with a few garments of the time hanging inside. A dressing table of vintage lovelies and some beautiful old birthday cards on display....really lovely.

If you want to visit you can find all the important info here.

There is another museum next door which is free and really good. It includes toys throughh the ages (right up my street). Old shop fittings (right up my street). A 50s kitchen ( get the gist). So worth a visit, can't believe I didn't go sooner.
My friend and I have promised each other that we will go again, kid free. I would love to spend more time taking in all the finer details and stare at the 50s kitchen and kitchenalia for a much longer time than the boys gave us chance to do.

I hope the pics haven't been too pants.
Thanks for reading and I will be back later today with a 'smile' post and my fair news.

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  1. Sounds like a great place to visit and ideal for children (and vintage fans)!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. Your pics were fine Emma. Can't wait to see more of that 50's kitchen when you go again. This is how museums should be, all touch feely...I'm sure they'd get more visitors if they were. Although I do love the really old fashioned ones too.